Eastern Championships

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Year Venue Senior champion Team champions
2005 Colchester Hillyfields Shaun Aldous (Interbike RT) Interbike RT
2004 Lydden Hill Shaun Aldous (Interbike RT) X RT/Elmy Cycles
2003 Eastway Peter Middlehurst (Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi) X RT/Elmy Cycles
2002 Thorndon Chris Skinner (Cyclone CRT) X RT/Elmy Cycles
2001 Huntingdon Peter Middlehurst (Octagon VC) Elmy RT
2000 Hempton Daniel Bell (Axholme Whls) Elmy RT
1999 Louth Daniel Bell (Axholme Wheelers) Elmy RT
1998 Ipswich Russell Parkins (Elmy Cycles) Elmy Cycles, Ipswich
1997 Gainsborough Daniel Bell (VC Lincoln) Not Known
1996 Ipswich Greg Simcock (Team Kona) Octagon VC
1995 Lincoln Mick Daley (Cherry Valley RT) VC Lincoln
1994 Ipswich Carl Thompson (Octagon VC) Octagon VC
1993 Lincoln Darran Barclay (Biketrax) None
1992 Ipswich Stuart Marshall (VC Lincoln) CC Romford
1991 Ipswich Stuart Marshall (VC Lincoln) VC Lincoln
1990 Humberside Stuart Marshall (VC Lincoln) VC Lincoln
1989 Barton-on-Hurnber Mark Farrow (Rennrad) Not Known
1988 Eastway Gary Baker (Anglia Sport) Rennrad Club Norwich
1987 Mistley Stuart Marshall (VC Lincoln) Not Known
1986 Lincoln Andy Moore (VC Lincoln) Not Known
1985 Mildenhall Steve Barron (Lincoln Whs) Not Known
1984 Rochford Steve Barron (Lincoln Whs) Not Known
1983 Norwich Mick Daley (Cherry Valley RT) VC Lincoln
1982 Mildenhall Steve Barron VC Olympia Sport
1981 Colchester Paul Watson (Anglia Sport) VC Olympus Sport
1980 Lincoln Steve Barron (Lincoln Whs) VC Olympia Sport
1979 Mildenhall Mick Daley (Rothwell RT) Colchester RCC
1978 Norwich Mick Daley (Rothwell RT) Rothwell RT
1977 Norwich Colin Cracknell (Colchester RCC) Colchester RCC
1976 Diss Tim Butler (Diss & Dist CC) Colchester RCC
1975 Bungay Tirn Butler (Diss & Dist CC) Colchester RCC
1974 No event
1973 Colchester Cefn Mobbs (Colchester RCC) Colchester RCC
1972 Norwich Vaughan Reed (E. Anglian CC) E. Anglian CC
1971 Haverhill Chris Gooch (Colchester RCC) Colchester RCC