Thetford Cyclo-Cross Enduro

Sunday 2nd September 2012

The Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association and Timber are promoting a new event this autumn that should appeal to a wide range of riders. The Cyclo-Cross Enduro is a new concept based on the MTB Enduro/Marathon format.

The 4 – 6 mile course will be based in Thetford forest utilising fire roads and wide tracks so whilst all ‘off-road’ not technical at all. The senior races will be held over 45 – 50 miles so a longer test than normal for cyclo-cross. This should see bunching of riders which might interest those with road racing skills. If the conditions are dry the circuit should be doable on a road bike with sturdy tyres although probably best to leave the carbon wheels at home. Of course the event should interest Mountain Bikers who fancy a new challenge.

The event will be run under Cyclo-cross regulations so there will be equipment pits. There will be a prize list for the usual Cyclo-Cross categories.

The Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association are organising the event to raise money for their successful youth development programme. Timber are a trail building and advocacy group looking after the trails in Thetford Forest and working closely with the Forestry commission to improve the cycling experience for all in this the largest lowland forest in the UK. All monies raised will go directly to supporting their work. You can learn more about their activities here at



Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Total Time Club
1Thomas Timberlake4M/1531:08:16.1
2Michael Parry2M/1331:17:14.2Welwyn Wheelers
3Kiera Tippett3F/31:30:32.2Essex Roads
4Noah Field1M/12250:10.8Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)


Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Total Time Club
1Theo Doncaster23M/1692:55:09.2Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
2Cameron Woolsey24M/1693:05:25.2Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
3Bryn Davies22M/1683:09:13.0Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
4Jonathan Chapman21M/1683:13:27.9Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)


Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Total Time Club
1Carl Dyson40M/2792:51:21.9Clay Cross Road Team
2Michael Cowland37M/3692:51:32.7St Ives CC
3Gabor Doroghazi38M/3492:54:17.6Fruit4London
4Hayden Wood53M/3692:56:17.6
5Steven Halsall43M/2893:01:52.7Velo Club Moulin
6Chris Clayton36M/93:05:50.9Dyson Cycles
7stuart carmichael34M/3793:12:03.3FlitchBikes
8Weston Ullrich49M/3082:59:37.6Cambridge CC
9Graham Anderson31M/3072:52:24.4Cambridge CC
10Matthew Hims44M/3672:52:34.6
11James Wilson51M/3972:55:18.8La Fuga - Sigma Sport
12Mike Plant45M/3072:57:30.3North Cheshire Clarion
13Mark Pottinger47M/3273:00:19.3
14Lewis Levingbird55M/3673:04:26.5
15Richard CLARKE35M/2662:59:39.2BRJ Run and Tri
16Joel Redwood54M/3663:21:36.3
17Andrew Poodle46M/3852:22:27.8St Neots CC
18Cameron Fraser41M/3141:20:18.3La Fuga - Sigma Sport
19Richard Xerri52M/3641:32:51.7Kingston Wheelers
20David Walton50M/3043:00:55.0Judean Riders Front
21Neil Stevens48M/39118:55.7Pedal Revolution


Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Total Time Club
1David Perry121M/4292:59:54.9V.C Charnwood
2Michael Bowen81M/4593:04:29.5West Suffolk Wheelers & Triath
3Len Delicat144M/4393:04:56.2
4Tim Brown83M/4893:06:50.4North Road CC
5Philip Peacock119M/4693:07:59.6St Ives CC
6Harvey Levann110M/4893:09:20.2VC Charnwood
7Russell Jones143M/4382:49:27.8Hackney GT/Push
8Simon Clarke88M/4182:49:45.8GS Avanti
9Mark Wingar137M/4582:49:52.9Club member
10Ian Robson126M/5182:50:32.2MTS Cycle Sport/ Inkland / Elv
11Martin Graves103M/5682:50:37.5Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon
12Gregory Andrews77M/4182:51:09.8Colchester Rovers CC
13David West148M/4582:52:18.2
14James Stephens130M/82:53:15.6
15Andrew Hill105M/4982:53:59.8
16Dave Dickie141M/6082:58:22.2Finchley RT
17Robert Pisolkar123M/5482:59:09.6Finsbury Park CC
18Peter Green104M/4382:59:19.0Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
19mark remon125M/4682:59:57.0Dysons Cycles
20Andrew Postings124M/4483:02:36.5Archer RC
21Steven Drew96M/4283:04:49.4London Phoenix CC
22stuart brown82M/
23Darren Myers117M/4283:05:06.4Crest CC
24Stephen Dunnett98M/5483:05:09.9Diss & District CC
25Tim Stevens131M/4283:05:20.0TIMBER MTB
26Daniel Doncaster94M/4783:07:06.0Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
27Trevor Marshall114M/5083:08:05.5ICycle
28Mark Gibbs101M/4583:08:24.9Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon
29Darren Baker78M/4983:10:02.9
30Mark Winstanley138M/4583:11:18.6St Ives CC
31Matthew Berry80M/4683:11:47.6South Western RC - Evans Cycle
32Paul Driver97M/4772:42:14.1Ipswich BC
33Kevin Carter85M/4472:49:38.7Finchley Racing Team
34Barry Denny92M/6372:49:40.4West Suffolk Wheelers & Triath
35Jim Clayton89M/4472:51:08.3Colchester Rovers CC
36Jason Rogers127M/4372:52:18.6Gateway Cycling
37Mark Henderson142M/4572:53:34.6
38Ian Watson145M/4572:55:06.3
39Rob Martin-Smith115M/4372:55:54.0ICycle
40Graham Berry146M/5573:01:46.0
41Julian Parker118M/4861:59:17.9gipping racing team
42Mark Allen140M/4162:15:35.4Finchley RT
43Gary Cairns84M/4162:49:41.0ICycle
44Duncan Murray116M/4262:49:52.3ICycle
45matthew denny93M/3962:52:05.8West Suffolk Wheelers & Triath
46Andy Laflin109M/4063:01:58.5
47Colin Cracknell91M/5451:45:02.5Ipswich BC
48Chris Smith128M/4151:46:09.1Team Milton Keynes
49Mark Cushing149M/5551:54:10.0
50Robert Smith129M/5452:13:16.9Stowmarket & District CC
51Stuart Hocknell107M/6952:14:36.1Unattached
52Stuart Field99M/4752:17:35.4CCAshwell
53Simon Strong133M/4252:25:24.2ICycle
54michael pell120M/6752:58:54.2unattached
55Konrad Manning113M/4741:21:08.0Rapha Condor CC
56David Fraser100M/4641:41:02.8
57Steven Wood139M/5041:41:04.3Pearson Cycling Club
58Bob Hillier106M/5641:42:41.3Treads MTB Club
59Stuart Lockyear111M/5031:00:03.5London Phoenix CC
60Graham Berridge79M/5131:18:11.5Pearson Cycling Club
61David Stockwell132M/4931:23:10.9Shaftesbury CC
62Martin Carter86M/42244:09.8


Place Name Bib No Gender/Age Laps Total Time Club
1Jackie Field164F/4783:00:09.3Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
2Louise Rickard167F/4173:01:09.8XRT - Elmy Cycles
3Rachel Clarke163F/4163:03:46.4Ipswich BC
4Lesley Auchterlonie161F/42248:12.9Archer RC
5Emma Johnson165F/33249:01.3XRT - Elmy Cycles