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The cost of League membership for 2021-22 remains at £15 for senior and veteran men and women, £11 for junior men and women, £8 for youths, and £2 for under 12s.

You can join via the British Cycling web site. You need to be a member of British Cycling to join the League (Bronze level is sufficient) and you need to be logged in to your British Cycling account. You can enter directly on the British Cycling site - there's no need to email us beforehand. Note that British Cycling charge a £1 administration fee for each entry.

Please take care to join the correct age category. It's your age on 31st December 2021 that counts, not your age when you join the league.

You must join the league before on-line entries close for the first event you wish to ride. This is normally midnight on the Tuesday before the event. If you haven't joined in time, you'll still be able to ride but you won't qualify for league points.

Your league membership runs from the date you join until the end of the season, which is usually in January or February.

If you're looking to enter a particular race rather than join the league, you'll find a link on the individual race page, or you can search directly on British Cycling.

Your age category for Eastern League 2021-22 events is determined by your year of birth, according to the following table:

Category From To

There are some limited opportunities for adults (16 years or over) to ride outside of their "official" category. Here's what's allowed and what's not...

The senior/junior race is effectively an open race. That means that anyone who is 16 or over on 31st December 2021 can ride in it. There are no separate prizes for over-40s, and you will not get British Cycling veteran ranking points (though you can earn BC senior ranking points if you finish high enough).

The other races are restricted category. That means the only people allowed to ride the Vet 40-49 race are men who will be between 40 and 49 on 31st December 2021. The only people allowed to ride the Vet 50+ race are men who will be 50 or over on 31st December 2021.

If you're a veteran or a woman and you want to ride two races in a day, you can do so but one must be your official race (i.e. Women, Vet 40-49, or Vet 50+ as appropriate) and the other must be the senior/junior race.

League membership works similarly but you can only be in one league during the year. If you are a veteran or junior and you would prefer to compete in the senior league, email the results compiler to request a change of league category.