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Date: Sunday, 24 October 2004

Promoter: Interbike RT

Contact: Patrick Schils 01206 213730(day) 01206 521674(eve) interbikes@aol.com

Location: The Strood, Essex (B1025). Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Report: There is less of Mersea Island now than there was this morning. Plenty of mud is now distributed among the gutters of East Anglia. Those with a more tactical approach to racing used the "free bike wash en course" (aka the large puddle) rather than ride round it, thus clearing off some of the claggy mud that was gumming up gears galore.

It was great to see so many first timers having a go, including the farmer's family. It was a tricky course both in terms of the twisty turny ups and downs, and the heavy rainfall on Saturday night that made the going extremely heavy.

The youth race was led by Andrew Griffiths all the way. Joe Perrett came in with an excellent second place overall and first under 14. But there are some special mentions further down the results table. Matty Cook has shown that he has made the transition from Under 12 to Youth with an excellent 6th place. Hannah Robinson had her strongest race of the season (so far) with first place youth (and under 14) girl. Catlin Perret just fancied a training ride today rather than the cut and thrust of the senior race, so took advantage of the rule allowing ladies to compete in the youth race. She rode well in her usual understated style. Nathan - if you read this please let the webmaster know your surname. We couldn't read it, and you'll be called Nathan Ukelele forever unless you tell us otherwise. [Update 28-Oct-04: it's Nathan Woodward. Results have been updated.]

The under 12's had a good field this week with several local children stepping up for the challenge. Well done to all of you, as it was a baptism of fire with such a difficult course. Daniel Young controlled the race from the start, and Hugo Robinson had the U10 category sewn up with his usual panache. Cara Ainsworth showed her mettle as first girl, and James Arden continues to display his passionate side as he fearlessly attacks the course. Alwyn Newstead and Kaley Ainsworth had a head to head, with Alwyn triumphing at the end.

Carl Davey had a minor tussle with Carl Thompson, but by lap 3 he was well in control and stayed way ahead of the chasers all race. Dave Copland and Mark Farrow had their usual battle of the vets. Mark stopped to swap bikes, but it didn't pay off - he never made up the difference. At the other end of the course Andrew Arden is snapping at Bob Griffiths' heels. Each week Andrew is improving - so watch out Bob!


Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Youth        Under 12

11Carl DaveySenUnattached10 laps in 1:00:54
25Shaun AldousSenInterbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/Schils+1:34
316Greg SimcockSenXRT/Elmy Cycles+2:31
43Ian NewbySenDiss & District CC+4:39
512Nathan MillerSenAnglia Sport+6:19
621Daryl GoochSenTeam Clean/Time Out+6:31
719Glenn StanfordSenEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+1 lap +0:31
862Dave CoplandVetIpswich BC+1 lap +0:57
917Ivan BurchSenAnglia Sport+1 lap +2:38
1061Mark FarrowVetVC Norwich/Fitt Signs+1 lap +3:49
1180Bruce RobinsonGrand/VetShaftesbury CC+1 lap +5:26
1278Craig StevensVetPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +6:06
1318Rob WrightSenTri & Run+1 lap +7:21
1429Craig BeechSenInterbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/Schils+1 lap +7:41
15141Abbie ThorringtonLady/Jun53-12 Multisport+1 lap +8:30
16126James JacksonJunLee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +0:19
1786Julian ParkerVetIpswich BC+2 laps +0:26
184Nick AinsworthSenJames Hay RT+2 laps +0:28
1965John TerrellSen/VetIpswich BC+2 laps +1:32
2031Steven GriffithsSenLee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +2:10
2123Terry SmithSenColchester Rovers+2 laps +3:09
2227Daniel ZagniSenIpswich BC+2 laps +3:57
2338Richard GreenSenUnattached+2 laps +4:22
2492Carlton AinsworthVetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+2 laps +5:04
25127Jay HunterJunUnattached+2 laps +5:15
2633Mark WyerSenLondon Phoenix+2 laps +5:30
2732Darren ClarkeSenArmy CU+2 laps +6:11
28124Daniel ParkerJunIpswich BC+2 laps +6:18
297Michael DunnSenUnattached+2 laps +6:42
3072Kieron DunleaVetPCA Ciclos Uno+2 laps +7:24
3141Scott MorochanSenUnattached+2 laps +7:36
3296Dave YoungVetCrest CC+3 laps +2:27
3315Matt KyleSenBasildon CC+3 laps +2:45
3494Philip HargreavesSen/VetVC Norwich/Fitt Signs+3 laps +2:52
3590Clive SparkesMast/VetIpswich BC+3 laps +3:12
3645Richard JohnsonSenUnattached+3 laps +3:38
3795Paul TurnerMast/VetIpswich BC+3 laps +5:24
3837Jim HardwickeSenPlomesgate CC+3 laps +5:57
3940Dave TomlinsonSenIpswich BC+3 laps +6:03
40121Kerrick NewsteadJunIpswich BC+3 laps +7:17
41102Stuart HocknellVetSt Ives CC+3 laps +8:08
4243Tim ChandlerSenWelwyn Whls+3 laps +8:20
4375Alan ChapmanGrand/VetMildenhall CC+3 laps +8:28
4484Neil PearsSup/VetColchester Rovers+3 laps +9:06
4539Roger HolmesSenUnattached+3 laps +9:45
46101David JohnsonVetUnattached+4 laps +0:12
47125Neil FellinghamJunIpswich BC+4 laps +0:24
4873Robert GriffithsSen/VetLea Valley Youth CC+4 laps +1:11
4993Dennis ReeveGrand/VetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+4 laps +2:26
5099Andrew ArdenVetNorwich ABC+4 laps +3:07
51140Stephanie WyerLadyLondon Phoenix+4 laps +3:52
52103Richard AnscombeVetUnattached+4 laps +5:33
5342Dave TriggsSenUnattached+4 laps +9:58
54100Nigel MorrisVetAnglia Sport+5 laps +6:56
-6Stuart ChattingSenAnglia SportDNF
-13Carl ThompsonSenXRT/Elmy CyclesDNF
-14Colin NewsteadSenIpswich BCDNF
-44Kevin BarkerSenPCA Ciclos UnoDNF
-46Steve MillsSenPCA Ciclos UnoDNF
-63Chris JillingsSen/VetIpswich BCDNF
-64Geoff BoresGrand/VetLea Valley Youth CCDNF
-66Robert SmithSen/VetIpswich BCDNF
-67Ian PooleSen/VetMildenhall CCDNF
-69Paul HarrisVetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UKDNF
-81Trevor HolmesVetDiss & DistrictDNF
-98Donald MacGregorSen/VetTeam Marie CurieDNF
-128Russell HamptonJunInterbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/SchilsDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

11Andrew GriffithsYouthLee Valley Youth CC4 laps in 28:07
25Joseph PerrettYth/U14Lee Valley Youth CC+1:43
310Adam TowersYouthLee Valley Youth CC+2:21
42Carl HarrisYouthEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3:45
521John PriceYouthLee Valley Youth CC+4:32
613Matthew CookYth/U14Mildenhall CC+5:09
718Peter HargreavesYouthVC Norwich/Fitt Signs+6:21
86Dominic SchilsYth/U14Interbike/Boyer/Eddy Merckx/Diavolo/Schils+7:54
919Dale JacksonYth/U14Lee Valley Youth CC+8:31
104Mark ChapmanYouthMildenhall CC+1 lap +0:18
11142Catlin PerrettNov LLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +3:18
1225Josh SeagerYouthLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +3:54
133Adam HollisYouth+1 lap +3:59
1422Michael DunningYouthColchester Rovers+1 lap +4:21
1515Hannah RobinsonYth/Girl/U14Ipswich BC+1 lap +7:17
168John LawYth/U14+1 lap +9:11
1723Nathan WoodwardYouthUnattached+2 laps +1:28
187James LawYouth+2 laps +9:08
-11Luke NewbyYth/U14Diss & District CCDNF
-24David PettsYouthUnattachedDNF
-26Sam DeathYouthUnattachedDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

15Daniel YoungU12Lee Valley Youth CC4 laps in 15:52
211Hugo RobinsonU10Ipswich BC+0:30
321Mark AnscombeU12Unattached+1:43
430George MattinU12Colchester Rovers+3:06
51Sam BoresU12Lee Valley Youth CC+3:32
62Cara AinsworthU12Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi+4:10
710Lewis ParkerU10Ipswich BC+4:47
88James ArdenU8Norwich ABC+1 lap +0:15
924Ellen TriggsU12Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:21
1023Frazer WoodU12Unattached+1 lap +0:48
1128Jaye SawdonU12Unattached+1 lap +0:49
1222Jack HardwickeU8Plomesgate CC+1 lap +2:03
1326Tom SawdonU12Unattached+1 lap +2:48
144Alwyn NewsteadU10Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:37
156Kaley AinsworthU10Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi+1 lap +5:25
1627Lizzie LawU12Unattached+2 laps +4:16
1725Annie LawU10Unattached+2 laps +8:05
-31Dan LeighU10UnattachedDNF
-32Jamie LeighU8UnattachedDNF

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