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Date: Sunday, 14 November 2004

Promoter: Colchester Rovers CC

Contact: Tony Asplin 01206 522680(h) tony.asplin@ntlworld.com

Location: Furze Hill, Mistley, Essex. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Report: A crisp bright winterís morning at Mistley tempted out record levels of riders for an excellent day of racing. It was great to see so many new faces, and some of our London League friends who dared to venture North-East.

Cool dry weather had left the course relatively firm. As in previous years, the more technical part was situated on the side of a hill, with the course winding up and down, thus favouring the strong climbers. All sections were ridable, except for one short ascent that had a log across it, and even this could be bunny-hopped by the brave and skillful.

Andrew Griffiths dominated the Youth race once respects had been paid on Remembrance Sunday. Visitor Louis Charity of Sutton CC led the pack in. Joe Perret made a strong showing as first Under 14 in response to Dominic Schils piling on the pressure to finish 2nd. In the regular Matthew Cook/Luke Newby head to head, Matty came out tops. The Carl and Paul Harris comedy duo continued to entertain the crowds. The judges have not yet given a verdict on who shouts more Ďencouragementí at the other in their respective races. With a good field, there was a competitive girls race today. Hannah Robinson showed that she can rise to the challenge, pipping Harriet Ibbett to the title.

Thereís no stopping Hugo Robinson in the Under 12ís. Though only nine years old, he beat Daniel Young into second place for the first time. Super cool Cara Ainsworth was first girl, as usual. Ellen Trigg gets Positive Attitude points. She took a tumble and, after missing a lap or two to recover, hopped back on her bike to finish the race.

All the Juniors were keen to impress top international senior rider Stuart Blunt of the cyclo-cross National Talent Team. Alex Dowsett showed top form ahead of James Jackson.

Mandy Cook comfortably took the Ladies race from Stephanie Wyer. What a great example for a Mum to set.

The fame of a full page spread in the East Anglian didnít go to Dave Coplandís head. After failing to get his foot in the pedal at the start and being squeezed to the left he found himself looking at trees. He soon put himself back on track and chased down arch rival Mark Farrow on the second lap. His lead increased throughout the race, to take the 1st Veteran prize and 10th place overall sneaking in front of Daryl Gooch. Bruce Robinson showed the newbie Vets that experience pays, with a strong 3rd place. John Terrell had a race long battle with newly returned Tim Butler. Try as he might Tim couldnít keep up the pace. Alan Chapman took full advantage of a course that favoured the light and nimble, and had a great race. Heís been steadily moving up the finishing board all season.

In the Senior race a pack of five controlled the race: Carl Davey led Shaun Aldous, Carl Thompson, Nathan Millar and Greg Simcock for six laps. Then Shaun made the decisive move and powered up the hill in a big gear taking the lead and, effectively, the race.


Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Youth        Under 12

15Shaun AldousSenInterbike/Boyer Planning/Chateau Wines/The Essex/Veloschils.com9 laps in 47:59
21Carl DaveySenUnattached+0:16
316Greg SimcockSenXRT/Elmy Cycles+0:22
412Nathan MillerSenAnglia Sport+1:25
513Carl ThompsonSenXRT/Elmy Cycles+1:56
638Brian CurtisSenCorridori+2:38
73Ian NewbySenDiss & District CC+3:28
84Nick AinsworthSenJames Hay RT+3:52
917Ivan BurchSenAnglia Sport+4:12
1062Dave CoplandVetIpswich BC+4:43
1121Daryl GoochSenTeam Clean/Time Out+5:04
1261Mark FarrowVetVC Norwich/Fitt Signs+5:10
13129Alex DowsettJunMaldon & Dist+5:44
14126James JacksonJunLee Valley Youth CC+6:47
156Stuart ChattingSenAnglia Sport+1 lap +0:47
167Michael DunnSenUnattached+1 lap +1:05
17128Josh IbbettJunTeam Synergy+1 lap +1:35
1831Steven GriffithsSenLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +1:39
1980Bruce RobinsonGrand/VetShaftesbury CC+1 lap +1:49
208Joe WallerSenEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+1 lap +2:31
2123Terry SmithSenColchester Rovers+1 lap +2:35
22150Scott ChalmersJunChippenham Whls+1 lap +2:44
2327Daniel ZagniSenIpswich BC+1 lap +2:46
2486Julian ParkerVetIpswich BC+1 lap +2:48
2578Craig StevensVetPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +3:19
26121Kerrick NewsteadJunIpswich BC+1 lap +3:34
2742David WarwickSenIpswich BC+1 lap +3:38
28124Daniel ParkerJunIpswich BC+1 lap +4:00
2941Mark CarlessSenClimb On Bikes RT+1 lap +4:01
3065John TerrellSen/VetIpswich BC+1 lap +4:03
3129Craig BeechSenInterbike/Boyer Planning/Chateau Wines/The Essex/Veloschils.com+1 lap +4:13
3299Tim ButlerVetIpswich BC+1 lap +4:25
339Neil StevensSenEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+1 lap +4:58
3470Dom MingayeVetRAF CC+1 lap +5:02
3592Carlton AinsworthVetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+1 lap +5:18
3614Colin NewsteadSenIpswich BC+1 lap +5:39
3794Philip HargreavesSen/VetVC Norwich/Fitt Signs+1 lap +6:07
38127Jay HunterJunInterbike/Boyer Planning/Chateau Wines/The Essex/Veloschils.com+1 lap +6:09
3944Kurt MinterSenUnattached+1 lap +7:09
4072Kieron DunleaVetPCA Ciclos Uno+2 laps +0:34
4163Chris JillingsSen/VetIpswich BC+2 laps +0:51
4240Kevin BarkerSenPCA Ciclos Uno+2 laps +1:14
4332Darren ClarkeSenArmy CU+2 laps +1:30
4433Mark WyerSenLondon Phoenix+2 laps +2:33
4537Jim HardwickeSenPlomesgate CC+2 laps +2:51
4615Matt KyleSenBasildon CC+2 laps +2:55
4796Dave YoungVetCrest CC+2 laps +3:35
4889Paul BarryVetIpswich BC+2 laps +4:30
4982Vince MonkGrand/VetBasildon CC+2 laps +4:34
5095Paul TurnerMast/VetIpswich BC+2 laps +4:49
5136Martin HollandSenEly & District+2 laps +5:07
5245Roger HolmesSenUnattached+2 laps +5:12
5322Lee RowlingSenBasildon CC+2 laps +5:15
5469Paul HarrisVetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+2 laps +5:30
5543Tim ChandlerSenWelwyn Whls+2 laps +5:40
5675Alan ChapmanGrand/VetMildenhall CC+2 laps +6:25
5718David TomlinsonSenIpswich BC+2 laps +7:29
58100Stuart LiffordVetIpswich BC+2 laps +8:04
59130Boris TangJunColchester Rovers+3 laps +0:11
6084Neil PearsSup/VetColchester Rovers+3 laps +0:20
6193Dennis ReeveGrand/VetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3 laps +1:22
6273Robert GriffithsSen/VetLea Valley Youth CC+3 laps +2:01
6379Simon LarbeySen/VetMildenhall CC+3 laps +2:54
64132Mandy CookLadyMildenhall CC+3 laps +3:21
65140Stephanie WyerLadyLondon Phoenix+3 laps +4:19
66101Colin TowersVetLea Valley Youth CC+3 laps +6:13
-39Richard GreenSenUnattachedDNF
-46Dick WoodSenAnglia SportDNF
-66Robert SmithSen/VetIpswich BCDNF
-91Alan FrenchVetInterbike/Boyer Planning/Chateau Wines/The Essex/Veloschils.comDNF
-120Matthew PymJunUnattachedDNF
-136Claire LarbeyLadyMildenhall CC-

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

11Andrew GriffithsYouthLee Valley Youth CC5 laps in 28:34
224Louis CharityYouthSutton CC+2:25
310Adam TowersYouthLee Valley Youth CC+3:11
423Shaun HurrellYouthUnattached+3:26
55Joseph PerrettYth/U14Lee Valley Youth CC+3:36
62Carl HarrisYouthEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+4:00
718Peter HargreavesYouthVC Norwich/Fitt Signs+4:01
86Dominic SchilsYth/U14Interbike/Boyer Planning/Chateau Wines/The Essex/Veloschils.com+5:20
913Matthew CookYth/U14Mildenhall CC+1 lap +0:35
1017Marcus SimpkinYouthIpswich BC+1 lap +2:07
1111Luke NewbyYth/U14Diss & District CC+1 lap +2:22
1219Dale JacksonYth/U14Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +2:48
134Mark ChapmanYouthMildenhall CC+1 lap +3:29
1415Hannah RobinsonYth/Girl/U14Ipswich BC+1 lap +6:48
1521Harriet IbbettGirl/YouthUnattached+1 lap +7:33
1625Georqe ScholzYouthColchester Rovers+2 laps +0:05
178Jessica RixYth/U14Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +0:45
1814Natasha ParkerYth/Girl/U14Ipswich BC+2 laps +5:27
-22Michael DunningYouthColchester RoversDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

111Hugo RobinsonU10Ipswich BC8 laps in 18:05
25Daniel YoungU12Lee Valley Youth CC+1:29
321George MattinU12Colchester Rovers+2:15
426Andrew PhilipsU12Mildenhall CC+1 lap +0:39
52Cara AinsworthU12Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi+1 lap +1:53
624Frazer WoodU12Anglia Sport+1 lap +2:00
710Lewis ParkerU10Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:09
822Jack HardwickeU8Plomesgate CC+2 laps +0:22
97Sean DunleaU8Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +2:51
1023Matthew HallU12Ipswich BC+2 laps +2:54
1130Oliver MorrisU12Anglia Sport+3 laps +0:17
1217Luke StevensU12Unattached+3 laps +1:14
1328Ellen TriggsU12Colchester Rovers+3 laps +2:47
146Kaley AinsworthU8Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi+3 laps +3:51
1531Sam Rowlingu10Basildon CC+4 laps +1:26
1627Bailey WarrenU8Unattached+5 laps +1:20
-25Max ScholzU10Colchester Rovers-

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