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Date: Sunday, 16 January 2005

Promoter: Lee Valley Youth CC

Contact: Neil Simpson 020 8519 9878 neilsimpson2@tiscali.co.uk

Location: Lee Valley Cycle Circuit, Eastway, Temple Mill Lane. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Team Results:


Position Team Points
1 East Midlands 37
2 London A 38
3 Eastern A 42
4 Wales 76
5 North West A 82
6 London B 98
7 West Midlands 106
8 South West 110
9 Eastern B 144
10 North West B 148


Position Team Points
1 London A 17
2 West Midlands 17
3 East Midlands 32
4 Eastern A 37
5 Wales 38
6 South West 59
7 Eastern B 61
8 London B 73


Position Team Points
1 East Midlands 12
2 London A 14
3 Eastern A 23
4 London B 34


Position Team Points
1 London A 10
2 North West A 23
3 East Midlands 42
4 Wales A 46
5 Wessex 48
6 London B 56
7 Eastern A 57
8 West Midlands 59
9 London C 82
10 Eastern B 102
11 Wales B 123

Individual Results:

Senior/Junior        Lap-o-meter        Vet/Women        Youth        Under 12

131Adrian TimmisSen/JunWest Midlands8 laps in 59:40
226Dan AlexanderSen/JunEast Midlands+0:24
33Geoff BeethamSen/JunEastern A+0:48
414Alex AtkinsSen/JunLondon A+1:08
537Lewis CravenSen/JunNorth West A+1:28
615Ian FieldSen/JunLondon A+2:29
725Ben EedySen/JunEast Midlands+2:33
827Jim BryanSen/JunEast Midlands+2:37
912Matt HolmesSen/JunLondon A+2:45
106Nathan MillerSen/JunEastern A+2:46
1119Stuart McGheeSen/JunLondon B+3:04
1259Graham RogersonSen/JunWales+3:19
135Shaun AldousSen/JunEastern A+3:37
1455Andy BaumSen/JunWales+4:13
1540Brian GreenSen/JunNorth West A+4:38
161Greg SimcockSen/JunEastern A+4:46
177Nick AinsworthSen/JunEastern B+5:03
1849Roy SmithSen/JunSouth West+5:26
1916Steve HamblingSen/JunLondon A+5:48
2029Paul CoxSen/JunEast Midlands+6:03
214Ian NewbySen/JunEastern A+6:20
2239Mark LeylandSen/JunNorth West A+6:28
2357Guy StevensSen/JunWales+6:30
2421Rob WhenmanSen/JunLondon B+6:35
2518Ben LockwoodSen/JunLondon B+6:36
2645Anthony MorrisSen/JunNorth West B+6:54
2756Anthony O'BoyleSen/JunWales+7:05
2817William ThompsonSen/JunLondon A+7:08
2952Steven SageSen/JunSouth West+7:18
302Carl ThompsonSen/JunEastern A+7:42
3151Pete DaweSen/JunSouth West+7:56
3253John PetersSen/JunSouth West+8:05
3334Stuart JonesSen/JunWest Midlands+8:25
3460Darren WilliamsSen/JunWales+8:39
3533Harry PennSen/JunWest Midlands+9:00
3644Carl PotterSen/JunNorth West B+9:03
3736Jamie HarrisSen/JunWest Midlands+1 lap +0:22
3822Steven GriffithsSen/JunLondon B+1 lap +0:34
399James JacksonSen/JunEastern B+1 lap +0:37
4038Stuart ReidSen/JunNorth West A+1 lap +2:17
4146Dave HeadonSen/JunNorth West B+1 lap +2:27
428Michael DunnSen/JunEastern B+1 lap +2:36
4335Peter BanhamSen/JunWest Midlands+1 lap +2:53
4458Richard BowenSen/JunWales+1 lap +3:12
4543Denis KeaskinSen/JunNorth West B+1 lap +4:19
4610Dan ParkerSen/JunEastern B+1 lap +4:20
-11Ivan BurchSen/JunEastern BDNF
-13Brian CurtissSen/JunLondon ADNF
-20Nick StaceySen/JunLondon BDNF
-41Mark ThwaitesSen/JunNorth West ADNF
-50Tim FeySen/JunSouth WestDNF

Veteran/Women        Lap-o-meter        Sen/Jun        Youth        Under 12

Please note that the Veterans and Women raced concurrently but started at slightly different times. Therefore, the women's times in the results below and the first lap of the lap-o-meter are overstated by 2 minutes.

113Mick BellVetLondon A5 laps in 39:51
240Pete HarrisVetWest Midlands+0:12
338Phil RoachVetWest Midlands+0:32
42Mark FarrowVetEastern A+0:53
525David SmithVetEast Midlands+1:26
615Carl McDonaghVetLondon A+1:47
735Graham EdwardsVetWales+1:52
834Clive PowellVetWales+1:53
930Neil TubbsVetSouth West+1:58
1016Graham ParkinVetLondon A+2:06
1114Andy RobertsVetLondon A+2:07
1242Gary HipwellVetWest Midlands+2:30
1327Steve TaylorVetEast Midlands+2:34
1426Tony WilkinsVetEast Midlands+2:37
154Bruce RobinsonVetEastern A+2:48
165Julian ParkerVetEastern B+2:58
1739Rob BurnsVetWest Midlands+3:06
183Geoff BoresVetEastern A+3:13
198John TerrellVetEastern B+3:24
201Dave CoplandVetEastern A+3:24
2131Adrian ClodeVetSouth West+3:31
2217Paul WarnerVetLondon B+3:59
2337Lynn LinesVetWales+4:15
2472Clare GrossWomanEast Midlands+4:18
2520Ian CleverleyVetLondon B+4:19
2636Tony HudsonVetWales+5:19
2755Katie MiddlehurstWomanEastern A+5:43
286Carlton AinsworthVetEastern B+5:44
2918Simon ScarsbrookVetLondon B+6:18
307Rob SmithVetEastern B+8:13
3165Sarah NorthallWomanLondon A+8:17
3264Jo RowsellWomanLondon A+8:18
3373Vivien CoxWomanEast Midlands+9:02
3475Heather SummersWomanEast Midlands+10:10
3532Lester YoungVetSouth West+10:47
3666Emma WoodWomanLondon A+11:09
3767Tarryn JarvisWomanLondon A+14:23
3868Nicola WadhamWomanLondon B+14:57
3956Nicola SmithWomanEastern A+15:21
4059Katie RossiWomanEastern A+16:11
4160Stephanie WyerWomanEastern B+16:23
4271Liz RiceWomanLondon B+1 lap +5:14
4370Maria DavidWomanLondon B+1 lap +5:25
4469Andrea HoflingWomanLondon B+1 lap +7:00
4557Claire LarbeyWomanEastern A+2 laps +9:03
-19Graham StaceyVetLondon BDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        Sen/Jun        Vet/Women        Under 12

113Andrew GriffithsYouthLondon A4 laps in 30:44
234Jonny McEvoyYouthNorth West A+0:34
325Adam TurnerYouthEast Midlands+0:35
415Alex PatonYouthLondon A+0:39
516Billy-Joe WhenmanYouthLondon A+0:53
627Luke AllenYouthEast Midlands+1:22
733Scott ThwaitesYouthNorth West A+1:24
853Ben PlainYouthWessex+2:09
917Michael ButlerYouthLondon B+2:10
1014Tom SmartYouthLondon A+2:11
1140Luke RoweYouthWales A+2:29
1232David WilliamsYouthWest Midlands+2:42
1330William PennYouthWest Midlands+2:48
1435James McNallyYouthNorth West A+2:51
1555Tom ButtYouthWessex+3:02
161Carl HarrisYouthEastern A+3:15
1741Sion O'BoyleYouthWales A+3:18
1842Garreth JamesYouthWales A+3:29
194Adam TowersYouthEastern A+3:29
2021Chris RichardsonYouthLondon C+3:34
2136Matt JonesYouthNorth West A+3:54
222Joseph PerrettYouthEastern A+3:55
2318Amy ThompsonYouthLondon B+3:55
2419Sam FensterheimYouthLondon B+3:57
2556Luke GrayYouthWessex+4:21
268Daniel KoganYouthEastern B+4:35
273Dominic SchilsYouthEastern A+5:02
2820Erick RowsellYouthLondon B+5:30
2954Peter DibbenYouthWessex+5:38
3023Kurt WarnerYouthLondon C+5:50
3143Rhys KerrYouthWales A+5:51
3224Matt HowardYouthLondon C+6:05
3328Matt ToplisYouthEast Midlands+6:33
3429Charles CadwaladrYouthWest Midlands+6:48
3522Adam GentYouthLondon C+6:54
3631Helen ClaytonYouthWest Midlands+7:08
375Matthew CookYouthEastern B+7:51
3844Jessica AlanYouthWales B+8:06
397Dale JacksonYouthEastern B+8:24
406Mark ChapmanYouthEastern B+8:36
4110John PriceYouthEastern C+9:33
4245Gemma StimpsonYouthWales B+12:45
4347Rebecca JamesYouthWales B+1 lap +0:58
449Adam GreenYouthEastern C+1 lap +1:19
4546Kimberly RichardsYouthWales B+1 lap +2:44

Under 12        Sen/Jun        Vet/Women        Youth

Position Name Category Team
1 Oliver Rossi U12 LVYCC
2 Hugo Humphries U12 Team Darenth
3 Hugo Robinson U12 Ipswich BC
4 Dan Young U12 LVYCC
5 Sam Johnson U12 VC Deal
6 George Mattin U12 Colchester Rovers
7 Tijan Sealey U12 HHYCC
8 Taylor Johnson U12 HHYCC
9 Andrew Phillips U12 Mildenhall
10 Joshua Parkin U10 winner Team Darenth
11 Ellen Triggs U12 first girl Colchester Rovers
12 Serena Butler U12 VC Deal
13 Lewis Parker U12 Ipswich BC
14 Cara Ainsworth U12 ERV
15 Joshua Green U12 LVYCC
16 Thomas Butler U10 VC Deal
17 Gretel Warner U10 Team Darenth
18 Sean Dunlea U10 LVYCC
19 Alex Martin U12 Team Darenth
20 Anthony Anderson U8 winner Kingston Wheelers
21 Kaley Ainsworth U8 Girl winner ERV
22 Thomas Newton U8 LVYCC
23 Kassa Sealey U8 HHYCC

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