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Date: Sunday, 11 September 2005

Promoter: Team Clean

Contact: Chris Gooch 01473 311955 goochiec@btinternet.com

Location: Brickwall Farm, Sible Hedingham, Essex, CO9 3RH. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Report: Cyclo-cross season is here – it’s easy to spot: rain. We were greeted by the feather legged Brickwall Farm chickens. And what a splendid turnout we had today: 16 youths, 22 under-12’s and 77 adults. These high numbers were partly due to several London league riders taking advantage of a pre-season race - and very welcome they were too. On with the action…

The youths race had league regulars, some new faces and a few moving up from the under 12's. Oliver Rossi had been a tremendous help setting up the course and helping people out. Unfortunately his race ended in a patch of stinging nettles and he had to retire - his first ever DNF. Later he was seen, fully recovered, helping to dismantle the course at the end of the day. So he has assured his place in heaven, but not yet in the league rankings. Michael Butler showed his capabilities with an easy win over Robert O'Laughlin. Robert had an early tussle with Carl Harris, but managed to shake him off on the third lap. Samantha Bryant pressed ahead with a spirited ride to finish 1st girl. Matthew Cook and Luke Newby had their usual battle. Matty stayed ahead for most of the race, but it's the final lap that counts and Luke crossed the line first.

The under 12's had a gridded start for the first time, with the oldest in the front. Safety is paramount at these events, and the last thing we need is a pile up on the first corner. Thanks to Dave Young for ensuring that Hugo Robinson, as last year's league winner, was placed in the front row, even though he's still only 10. The course was short and furious. Daniel Young and Hugo went head to head all the way. Unfortunately, in the last lap they went wheel to leg in a mistimed overtaking manoeuvre. Hugo took a nasty tumble but managed to get himself across the line in 2nd place. Well done Serena Butler for holding off constant pressure from Joshua Parkin. She took a strong 3rd place overall, 1st girl. The judges were delighted to see so many smiling younger faces as they completed their first race. They were not so happy to hear bad language from one of the riders. For the record, this will not be tolerated at any level of racing.

There were a myriad of sub-races in the main race: there was the sharp end, the juniors, the ladies, the fast vets, the under 12's dads, the reliable vets and the scorers. Keeping up with 77 riders for 10 laps was a baptism of fire for the start of the season - phew! The judges were impressed that all the riders appreciated the uphill finish. So here goes...

Carl Davey led the way with Shaun Aldous in hot pursuit. Shaun didn't have the oomph to stay up there with the leader, and eventually had to settle for 3rd place when Carl Thompson snuck past on lap 8 and managed to hold on until the bitter end. Mick Bell put in his usual class performance to come in 4th overall and 1st vet - a lap ahead of the rest of his category. I bet the Eastern League vets are pleased he's just visiting from London. Sorry Mick, no league points for you.

As for the other vet places, Mark Farrow screeched to a halt in front of the line as he realised that Carl Davey was a second behind him and about to take the win. Carl's bike skills shone through as he narrowly avoided crashing into Mark. That could have been a costly start to the season, all for avoiding a final lap. In the Best of the Rest vets Julian Parker and Craig Stevens zoomed ahead of the chasing group: Dave Copland, Geoff Bores and Donald MacGregor. Dave thought he was having a bad day at the office, recovering from 2nd place overall at the Clacton Off-Road Triathlon the day before. But then Julian and Craig paid for their early zeal. And in the final lap burnt-out Julian let Dave pass, mistaking the IBC kit for his son Daniel. What a nice Daddy. We all know that Dave doesn't look his age, but he can always get served in a bar. Julian: get your eyes tested!

Julian did get a win as the best of the under 12's dads. Now, your humble scribe doesn't want to get into trouble with the CSA or be the instigator of a batch of paternity lawsuits, so many apologies if I have assigned the wrong parent to the child. At least I feel confident that Tim Butler has no biological connection with Serena Butler. In second place in this prestigious group was Paul Warner, who meantime safely saw junior Kurt through to the finish. Colin Newstead was in fine form, and generally smiling as he beat Jim Hardwicke. At the friendly end of the race, experience put Paul Barry ahead of Keiron Robinson, Martin Fry and a surprisingly jolly Andrew Arden. He was obviously ecstatic that the season had started. Kieron now knows how hard Hannah, Hugo and Lorna work when they're racing.

There was an excellent 7th place overall and 1st junior for Shaun Hurrell. He was neck and neck with Louis Charity for the first four laps, then Shaun pulled away steadily, increasing his lead with each lap. Louis finished in a very creditable 9th overall, 2nd junior.

Katy Wade showed the rest of the ladies how it's done. She finished a full lap ahead of Sarah Arnold who was 2nd lady. Young Lisa Chapman enjoyed completing the distance of the seniors race - she just wished it could have been longer. Not. Claire Larbey: you were spotted having a rest and adjusting your hairdo.

The judges enjoyed watching Paul Harris sprint up to the finish line with his mechanically challenged bike, hurling himself spectacularly over the line in a dead heat with Kurt Minter. Sorry Paul - Kurt was a lap ahead of you. Full marks for effort though. Delighted Alan Chapman was over a minute ahead of you too.

And finally a note to Lawrence Gibbons: the scorers missed you on lap 6. Did you sit out a lap? Your times have been adjusted to assume you had done this lap. Please contact the webmaster to confirm. Thanks.


Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Youth        Under 12

12Carl DaveySenPrivate Member10 laps in 59:49
25Carl ThompsonSenXRT/Elmy Cycles+1:14
31Shaun AldousSenInterbike RT+1:23
534Brian CurtisSenCorridori+2:33
66Ian NewbySenDiss & District CC+4:18
7158Shaun HurrellJunMaldon & Dist+4:45
824Dave MillerSenAPI/Metrow+4:55
9159Louis CharityJunCorridori+6:07
1011Jay HunterSenInterbike RT+6:20
1131Allister TulettSenTeam Edwardes+6:39
1276Mark FarrowVetVC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +0:02
1377Dave CoplandVetIpswich BC+1 lap +0:39
1480Geoff BoresVetLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:48
1582Donald MacGregorVetTeam Marie Curie+1 lap +0:53
1686Craig StevensVetPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +1:06
1779Julian ParkerVetIpswich BC+1 lap +1:06
1895Trevor HolmesVetDiss & District CC+1 lap +1:09
1981John TerrellVetIpswich BC+1 lap +1:39
2029Neil StevensSenVC Norwich+1 lap +3:08
21157Kurt WarnerJunTeam Darenth+1 lap +3:10
2287Tim ButlerVetIpswich BC+1 lap +3:30
2333Matt GallagherSenPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +3:38
24103Philip HargreavesVetVC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +3:48
25113Paul WarnerVetTeam Darenth+1 lap +4:05
2614Terry SmithSenColchester Rovers+1 lap +4:21
27131Bob PisolkerVetFinsbury Park+1 lap +4:34
28122Richard WoodVetVC Deal+1 lap +4:49
29153Peter HargreavesJunVC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +5:30
3032Kevin BarkerSenPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +5:45
31117Neil DykesVetWest Suffolk Whls+1 lap +5:55
3239Philip PearceSenJT Cycles+1 lap +6:15
33116Konrad ManningVetFINSBURY PARK CC+1 lap +6:23
34152Daniel ParkerJunIpswich BC+1 lap +6:35
3540Simon ClarkSenUnattached+1 lap +7:23
3636Kurt MinterSenUnattached+1 lap +7:49
37108Kieron DunleaVetPCA Ciclos Uno+2 laps +0:06
3838Steve GrimwoodSenIpswich BC+2 laps +0:29
3927Mark WyerSenLondon Phoenix+2 laps +0:56
40105Colin NewsteadVetIpswich BC+2 laps +1:08
41101Jim HardwickeVetPlomesgate CC+2 laps +1:13
42161Jack OlemannJunLee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +1:48
43160Alex HallJunVC Deal+2 laps +1:55
4418Richard HillSenCC Breckland+2 laps +2:01
45120Mark WadeVetVC Deal+2 laps +2:36
46124Jay CarpenterVetUnattached+2 laps +2:42
47110Tim KnightsVetIpswich BC+2 laps +3:34
4898Robert SmithVetIpswich BC+2 laps +3:38
4916Roger HolmesSenAngliasport+2 laps +3:42
50177Katy WadeWomanVC Deal+2 laps +3:54
5130Ben CaiseySenIpswich BC+2 laps +4:39
5235Daniel HearnSenUnattached+2 laps +6:14
53123G OlemannVetLee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +6:33
5493Paul BarryVetIpswich BC+2 laps +6:34
5590Alan ChapmanVetMildenhall CC+2 laps +6:38
5691Paul HarrisVetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+2 laps +7:47
57115Mick CurtisVetCorridori+2 laps +8:24
58112Martin FryVetWelwyn Whls+2 laps +8:30
59106Keiron RobinsonVetIpswich BC+3 laps +0:15
60119Stuart HocknellVetST. IVES CC/RICHARDSON CYCLES+3 laps +0:28
6123Martin HollandSenEly & District+3 laps +0:32
62114Andrew ArdenVetNorwich ABC+3 laps +1:38
6389Neil PearsVetColchester Rovers+3 laps +2:46
6441Julian ClarkSenUnattached+3 laps +3:16
65154Mark ChapmanJunMildenhall CC+3 laps +3:24
66175Sarah ArnoldWomanUnattached+3 laps +4:28
6797Dominic CastleVetUnattached+3 laps +4:56
68156James HewittJunEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3 laps +6:50
6925Lawrence GibbonsSenEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3 laps +6:51
70102Dennis ReeveVetUnattached+3 laps +6:54
71172Stephanie WyerWomanCC Ashwell+3 laps +8:09
72173Lisa ChapmanWomanMildenhall CC+4 laps +5:50
7392Simon LarbeyVetMildenhall CC+5 laps +0:12
74171Claire LarbeyWomanMildenhall CC+6 laps +0:59
-17Stuart ChattingSenAngliasportDNF
-21Kerrick NewsteadSenIpswich BCDNF
-78Bruce RobinsonVetShaftesbury CCDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

19Michael ButlerYouthVC Deal5 laps in 31:46
210Robert O'LaughlinYouthWelwyn Whls+1:13
31Carl HarrisYouthEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+2:55
416Martin SykesYouthVC Deal+4:20
512James WadeYouthVC Deal+5:43
613Hugo HumphreysYouthLee Valley Youth CC+6:02
72Luke NewbyYouthDiss & District CC+7:02
83Matthew CookYouthMildenhall CC+7:12
915Samantha BryantYouthMarin UK+8:31
1014Samuel FryYouthWelwyn Whls+1 lap +1:34
114Willaim MeadowsYouthIpswich BC+1 lap +3:49
128William AdamsYouthMildenhall CC+1 lap +4:06
135Hannah RobinsonYouthIpswich BC+1 lap +4:13
147Sam BoresYouthLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +7:01
1517Michael DunningYouthColchester Rovers+2 laps +0:41
-11Oliver RossiYouthLee Valley Youth CCDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

118Daniel YoungU12Lee Valley Youth CC9 laps in 11:32
21Hugo RobinsonU12Ipswich BC+0:05
314Serena ButlerU12VC Deal+1:10
417Joshua ParkinU12Team Darenth+1:14
52Lewis ParkerU12Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:29
613Thomas ButlerU10VC Deal+1 lap +0:41
719Gretel WarnerU12Team Darenth+1 lap +0:41
816Frazer WoodU12Angliasport+1 lap +0:51
923Nathan SmythU12Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:52
1011Jack HardwickeU10Plomesgate CC+1 lap +1:24
113James ArdenU10Norwich ABC+2 laps +0:27
1215Joseph FryU10Welwyn Whls+2 laps +0:28
1320Jenny HardwickeU12Plomesgate CC+2 laps +0:44
149Sean DunleaU10Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +1:12
155Jonathan BarryU12West Suffolk Whls+2 laps +1:38
166Lorna RobinsonU8Ipswich BC+3 laps +0:25
1724Daniel SmythU12Lee Valley Youth CC+3 laps +0:33
184Alwyn NewsteadU10Ipswich BC+3 laps +0:44
1922Ben DisneyU8Unattached+3 laps +1:30
207Conor BarryU8West Suffolk Whls+3 laps +1:38
2121Jack StuartU12Lee Valley Youth CC+4 laps +0:28
-8Luke StevensU12Unattached-

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