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Date: Sunday, 6 November 2005

Promoter: Norwich ABC

Contact: Darrel Glover 01953 455772(h) 07050 038048(m) darrel@drgbodyshop.co.uk

Location: New Eccles Hall School, Eccles, Nr Attleborough, Norfolk. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Report: A warm autumnal day in Eccles with plentiful hot tea and soup made for a great days racing. Top quality cakes too.

Rob O’Laughlin had another convincing win in the Youth race over Carl Harris, who was also shifting at a fair pace. Luke Newby led Matthew Cook for a couple of laps, then Matty got past Luke and surged forward in the last lap, nearly catching Carl. Will Meadows is showing solid improvement with each race. He managed 5th place today. For the girls, Hannah Robinson had an excellent win ahead of Ellen Triggs. Respect to Vera Staines who took advantage of the rule allowing novice ladies to participate in the Youth race. I suspect she was really just keeping an eye on grandson Matty.

Before the main race all spectators and riders observed a minutes silence in memory of Zak Carr who died recently when he was knocked off his bike during a training ride.

The Seniors were led out by the Gang of Four: Carl Davey, Shaun Aldous, Greg Simcock and Nathan Miller. They held together for a couple of laps, then Shaun took the lead, Carl grabbed his wheel and they left Greg and Nathan for dust. A couple of laps later Shaun shook off Carl and held a convincing lead for the rest of the race. Greg and Nathan stuck together for the full distance with Nathan taking the final sprint for third.

British Cycling Junior squad member Shaun Hurrell had an easy win ahead of Peter Hargreaves, 2nd Junior, who still had a very respectable finish in the top half overall.

In the Vets Mark Farrow started in front and made sure he stayed up there. Paul Ashby stayed with Mark for a couple of laps but then dropped to third behind Dave Copland after the 4th lap. Geoff Bores had a strong race finishing 4th vet. Chris Gooch kept his focus and managed not to moan at the judges for the whole race. He was probably concentrating on staying ahead of that whippersnapper Phil Hetzel. Got to keep the young ‘uns in their place.

It was good to see Matt Spillman make a rare ‘cross appearance in the triathlon off-season. In fact, he enjoyed himself so much that he and Pat Tozer did an extra lap after the chequered flag.

Paul Harris had a good day. He obviously hadn’t shouted at encouraged Carl as much as usual, and saved some energy for racing. On the other hand, Dominic Castle had given too much oomph supporting Tom in the youth race. Dominic is still moving steadily up the finishing board, but after a good start he gradually let Alan Chapman and Paul Barry get past. O the price of fatherhood.

Julian Parker had a spot of bad luck. He punctured in the 2nd lap and never managed to catch up to his usual rivals. At least it was just a mechanical failure. Tim Butler packed in after a bout of sciatica followed by a gammy knee. Judges and spectators alike were delighted to see Brian Foster at his local race. In top form, his complaints about the length of the race started on lap 1.

In the Ladies race Sarah Arnold clinched her first win of the season from Lisa Chapman, but Lisa still holds on to top spot in the league.


Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Youth        Under 12

11Shaun AldousSen.Interbike RT10 laps in 57:34
22Carl DaveySen.Private Member+0:21
33Nathan MillerSen.Ipswich BC+1:14
44Greg SimcockSen.XRT/Elmy Cycles+1:14
56Ian NewbySen.Diss & District CC+3:05
624Dave MillerSen.API/Metrow+3:16
75Carl ThompsonSen.XRT/Elmy Cycles+4:14
8157Shaun HurrellJun.Maldon & District+4:55
976Mark FarrowVet.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+5:27
1077Dave CoplandVet.Ipswich BC+5:41
11113Paul AshbyVet.Fat Birds Tri Club+5:49
1280Geoff BoresVet.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:07
137Nick AinsworthSen.Fat Birds Tri Club+1 lap +0:34
1482Donald MacGregorVet.Unattached+1 lap +1:35
1578Bruce RobinsonVet.Shaftesbury CC+1 lap +1:54
1633Daniel ZagniSen.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:21
17103Philip HargreavesVet.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +2:39
1829Neil StevensSen.VC Norwich/Fitt Signs+1 lap +2:41
1913Craig BeechSen.Interbike RT+1 lap +2:42
20101Jim HardwickeVet.Plomesgate CC+1 lap +3:07
2181John TerrellVet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +3:08
22111Philip BuickVet.Titus Cycles+1 lap +3:22
2388Chris GoochVet.Team Clean/Time Out+1 lap +3:41
2443Phil HetzelSenIpswich BC+1 lap +5:22
2579Julian ParkerVet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +5:39
2630Philip PeacockSen.JT cycles+1 lap +5:46
2718Richard HillSen.CC Breckland+1 lap +6:03
2885Chris JillingsVet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +6:07
2935Tim BonnetSenGodric CC+1 lap +6:14
30153Peter HargreavesJun.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +6:39
31110Tim KnightsVet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +6:43
3238Jonny RamseySenDiss & District CC+1 lap +6:46
3384Dom MingayeVet.RAF CC+1 lap +7:01
34119Dick WoodVetAngliasport+1 lap +7:04
3598Robert SmithVet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:17
36122Matthew SpillmanVetDiss & District CC+2 laps +1:02
37120Richard EmmersonVetTeam Flow Racing+2 laps +1:49
3837Gavin MooreSenUnattached+2 laps +2:44
3919Iain DawsonSen.CC Breckland+2 laps +3:33
4091Paul HarrisVet.Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+2 laps +3:55
4116Roger HolmesSen.Angliasport+2 laps +4:34
4242David SkipperSenUnattached+2 laps +4:36
4390Alan ChapmanVet.Mildenhall CC+2 laps +4:38
4499Alan FrenchVet.Interbike RT+2 laps +4:51
4540Alan McLarenSenNorwich ABC+2 laps +5:13
46123Stuart HocknellVetST. IVES CC/RICHARDSON CYCLES+2 laps +5:40
47112Dave TriggsVet.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +6:09
4839Paul WhiteSenDiss & District CC+2 laps +6:17
4993Paul BarryVet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +6:22
5097Dominic CastleVet.Unattached+2 laps +6:44
51117Clive SparkesVet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +7:28
52114Adrian GrimwoodVet.West Suffolk Whls+3 laps +0:14
53125Jerry TurnerVetJT cycles+3 laps +0:37
54158James HewittJunEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3 laps +0:55
5536Pat TozerSenVC Norwich / Fitt Signs+3 laps +1:03
56118Andrew ArdenVetNorwich ABC+3 laps +2:01
57102Dennis ReeveVet.Unattached+3 laps +2:25
58175Sarah ArnoldWoman.Unattached+3 laps +3:18
5925Lawrence GibbonsSen.Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3 laps +3:54
60121Brian FosterVetEastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+3 laps +7:28
61173Lisa ChapmanWoman.Mildenhall CC+4 laps +0:04
-11Jay HunterSen.Interbike RTDNF
-17Stuart ChattingSen.AngliasportDNF
-41Steve GeorgeSenVC Norwich / Fitt Signs-
-87Tim ButlerVet.Ipswich BCDNF
-124Richard MuchmoreVetCrest CCDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

111Rob O'LoughlinYouth.Welwyn Wheelers4 laps in 27:18
21Carl HarrisYouth.Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi UK+1:38
33Matthew CookYouth.Mildenhall CC+1:49
42Luke NewbyYouth.Diss & District CC+2:31
54William MeadowsYouth.Ipswich BC+4:54
613Lee RichardsonYouthIpswich BC+5:30
75Hannah RobinsonYouth.Ipswich BC+7:10
88William AdamsYouth.Mildenhall CC+7:54
97Sam BoresYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:32
1014Tom CastleYouthUnattached+1 lap +1:19
119Ellen TriggsYouth.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +2:11
1215Vera StainesWoman.Mildenhall CC+1 lap +4:28

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

11Hugo RobinsonU12.Ipswich BC11 laps in 13:26
220Ben BaileyU12Team Keyne+0:51
313Frazer WoodU12.Angliasport+1 lap +0:22
42Lewis ParkerU12.Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:16
511Jack HardwickeU10.Plomesgate CC+2 laps +0:49
624Jenny HardwickeU12Plomesgate CC+2 laps +1:46
73James ArdenU10.Norwich ABC+3 laps +0:20
821Calvert ChurchillU12API/Metrow+3 laps +0:30
925Anna HammondU12Plomesgate CC+3 laps +1:00
105Jonathan BarryU12.West Suffolk Whls+4 laps +0:08
1116Lewis HawkinsU12Cambridge Triathlon Club+4 laps +1:47
1222Emily DavisU12CC Breckland+5 laps +0:50
1317Thomas AdamsU12Unattached+6 laps +0:57
-23Sam WilsonU12Unattached-

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