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Date: Sunday, 4 December 2005

Promoter: Angliasport

Contact: Stuart Chatting 01206 273639 stuart_chatting@hotmail.com

Location: Hillyfields (East), Sheepen Road, Colchester (near Colchester Institute). GR: TM987257. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Eastern Champions: The table below shows the Eastern Area Champions for 2005. (This year's race was a combined South Eastern championship so the race winners are not necessarily Eastern champions.)

Category Winner Team
Senior Shaun Aldous Interbike RT
Veteran Mark Farrow VC Norwich
Women Katy Simcock Giant Racing Team
Junior Andrew Griffiths Glendene CC / Bike Trax
Youth Carl Harris ERV / Bianchi
Team Interbike RT


Senior        Lap-o-meter        League table        Jun/Vet/Women        Youth        Under 12

14Jamie NewallSeniorEvans Cycles RT9 laps in 59:03
22Daniel DuguidSeniorEvans Cycles RT+0:31
31Shaun AldousSeniorInterbike RT+0:33
43Carl DaveySeniorUnattached+1:59
57Stuart McGheeSeniorEvans Cycles RT+2:37
66Matt HolmesSeniorArctic RT+2:40
711Brian CurtisSeniorCorridori / Specialized+2:46
85Nathan MillerSeniorIpswich BC+3:36
912Carl ThompsonSeniorXRT / Elmy Cycles+3:38
1010William ThompsonSeniorGB Cycles.co.uk / Geoffrey Butler / Specialized+4:37
1117Nick AinsworthSeniorFat Birds Tri UK+5:03
128Robert HuntSeniorERV / Bianchi+6:04
1315Ian NewbySeniorDiss & District CC+6:24
1416Robert WhenmanSeniorCorridori / Specialized+1 lap +0:02
1514David MillerSeniorAPI Metro+1 lap +0:05
1613Allister TulettSeniorEdwardes+1 lap +0:39
1722Ben SpurrierSeniorEvans Cycles RT+1 lap +0:57
1818Steven GriffithsSeniorInterbike RT+1 lap +1:52
1920Jay HunterSeniorInterbike RT+1 lap +2:02
2024Craig BeechSeniorInterbike RT+1 lap +3:14
2121Neil StevensSeniorVC Norwich+1 lap +3:43
2225Philip HetzelSeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +4:22
2327Daniel ZagniSeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +4:33
2429Ben CaiseySeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +5:09
2526Terry SmithSeniorInterbike RT+1 lap +6:44
2628Steven GrimwoodSeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +7:05
2733Lee RowlingSeniorBasildon CC+2 laps +5:27
2835Patrick TozerSeniorVC Norwich+2 laps +6:14
2930Keith RichardsonSeniorMildenhall CC+2 laps +7:53
-9Greg SimcockSeniorXRT / Elmy CyclesDNF
-23Darren BarclaySeniorArctic RTDNF

Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Youth        Under 12

Please note that the Juniors, Veterans and Women raced concurrently but started at slightly different times. Therefore, the lap-o-meter will not give meaningful comparisons between riders in different categories (but it's fine to compare the sub-categories of veterans). Also, the first lap times are overstated by a few seconds for the veterans and 4 minutes for the women.

161Andrew GriffithsJuniorGlendene / Bike Trax6 laps in 41:41
260Shaun HurrellJuniorMaldon & District CC+0:29
31Mick BellVeteranLFB CC+0:52
42Mark FarrowVeteranVC Norwich+0:53
562Billy-Joe WhenmanJuniorMarin UK+1:09
63Dave CoplandVeteranIpswich BC+2:11
750Geoff BoresVeteran 50+Lea Valley Youth CC+3:19
811Julian ParkerVeteranIpswich BC+3:56
963Kurt WarnerJuniorUnattached+4:11
108Donald MacGregorVeteranUnattached+4:14
1151Bruce RobinsonVeteran 50+Shaftesbury+4:22
126Craig StevensVeteranPCA / Cyclos Uno+4:35
1353Richard WoodVeteran 50+VC Deal / Hammonds / Activ+4:42
1415John TerrellVeteranIpswich BC+4:43
1512Neil SimpsonVeteranLondon Phoenix CC+4:56
1613Jim HardwickeVeteranPlomesgate CC+5:55
1716Konrad ManningVeteranFinsbury Park CC+6:03
1814Paul WarnerVeteranUnattached+6:20
1918Tim KnightsVeteranIpswich BC+6:26
2052Chris GoochVeteran 50+Team Clean / Time Out+6:55
2117Keiron DunleaVeteranPCA / Cyclos Uno+6:57
2210Tim ButlerVeteranIpswich BC+7:30
2364Daniel ParkerJuniorIpswich BC+7:39
2419Dom MingayeVeteranRAF CC+1 lap +0:34
2521Ian TurnerVeteranFinsbury Park CC+1 lap +1:04
2671Amy ThompsonJunior WomanGB Cycles.co.uk / Geoffrey Butler / Specialized+1 lap +1:06
2729Martin FryVeteranWelwyn Wheelers+1 lap +1:21
2820Robert SmithVeteranIpswich BC+1 lap +1:49
2958David RutterVeteran 50+Unattached+1 lap +2:07
3022Paul DavisVeteranSt Ives CC+1 lap +2:18
3130David TriggsVeteranColchester Rovers+1 lap +2:22
3225Peter SykesVeteranUnattached+1 lap +2:30
3370Louise MaheJunior WomanSutton CC / De Ver Cycles+1 lap +3:00
3427Paul HarrisVeteranERV / Bianchi+1 lap +3:11
3580Katy SimcockWomanGiant Racing Team+1 lap +3:23
3656Mick CurtisVeteran 50+Corridori / Specialized+1 lap +3:48
3728Alan FrenchVeteranInterbike RT+1 lap +4:02
3859Clive SparksVeteran 50+Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:05
3955Chris ReedVeteran 50+London Phoenix CC+1 lap +4:12
4023Trevor ButlerVeteranVC Deal / Hammonds / Activ+1 lap +4:59
4126Peter RuffheadVeteranArctic RT+1 lap +5:37
4265James HewittJuniorERV / Bianchi+1 lap +6:35
4372Katy WadeJunior WomanVC Deal / Hammonds / Activ+1 lap +7:29
4432Bob GriffithsVeteranLea Valley Youth CC+2 laps +0:17
4573Alice Monger-GodfreyJunior WomanLee Valley Velo+2 laps +2:17
4682Sarah ArnoldWomanUnattached+2 laps +2:20
4781Caroline GammellWomanIpswich BC+2 laps +4:03
4884Lisa ChapmanWomanMildenhall CC+2 laps +8:17
-24Mark WadeVeteranVC Deal / Hammonds / Activ-
-31Dominic CastleVeteranUnattachedDNF
-54Alan ChapmanVeteran 50+Mildenhall CCDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

11Alex PatonYouthVC Deal / Hammonds / Activ4 laps in 26:50
22Michael ButlerYouthVC Deal / Hammonds / Activ+0:23
327Erick RowsellYouthSutton CC / De Ver Cycles+1:31
424Adam GentYouthPreston Park Youth CC+4:14
528Max SykesYouth/U14VC Deal / Hammonds / Activ+4:28
64Rebecca ThompsonYouth/GirlGB Cycles.co.uk / Geoffrey Butler / Specialized+4:39
73Carl HarrisYouthERV / Bianchi+4:57
89Matthew CookYouth/U14Mildenhall CC+4:59
925Corrine HallYouth/GirlVelo Club de Londres+5:51
106Dominic SchilsYouthInterbike RT+5:59
1114Samuel FryYouthWelwyn Wheelers+6:21
125Hugo HumphreysYouth/U14Lea Valley Youth CC+6:24
1310John PriceYouthLea Valley Youth CC+6:33
147James WadeYouth/U14VC Deal / Hammonds / Activ+6:46
1523Tom GallacherYouth/U14Welwyn Wheelers+7:38
1612Luke NewbyYouthDiss & District CC+7:50
1726Lee Peter RichardsonYouthUnatached+7:51
1822Amy GallacherYouth/GirlWelwyn Wheelers+8:48
1913Samantha BryantYouth/Girl/U14Marin UK+1 lap +0:31
2016Hannah RobinsonYouth/GirlIpswich BC+1 lap +0:37
2120Thomas CastleYouthUnattached+1 lap +0:39
-8Joseph NashYouthLea Valley Youth CC-
-18William AdamsYouthMildenhall CCDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

11Hugo RobinsonU12.Ipswich BC5 laps in 13:26
217Daniel YoungU12Lee Valley+0:17
312Joshua GreenU12.Lee Valley Youth CC+1:02
424Nathan SmythU12Lee Valley+1:05
513Frazer WoodU12.Angliasport+1:44
620Serena ButlerU12VC Deal+2:23
72Lewis ParkerU12.Ipswich BC+2:56
822Sean DunleaU12PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +0:04
918Jenny HardwickeU12Plomesgate+1 lap +0:14
1011Jack HardwickeU10.Plomesgate CC+1 lap +0:25
1119Ellie SykesU12VC Deal+1 lap +0:49
1221Thomas ButlerU12VC Deal+1 lap +0:51
133James ArdenU10.Norwich ABC+1 lap +0:55
144Alwyn NewsteadU10.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:24
1514Ben DisneyU8.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +2:58
1616Calvert ChurchillU12.API/Metrow+1 lap +3:25
-9Sean DunleaU10.Lee Valley Youth CC-

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