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Date: Sunday, 5 November 2006

Promoter: Norwich ABC

Contact: Darrel Glover 01953 455772(h) 07050 038048(m) drgbodyshop@tiscali.co.uk

Location: New Eccles Hall School, Eccles, Nr Attleborough, Norfolk. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Report: An all-time Eastern League record number of riders were eager to enjoy a gorgeous autumn day at Eccles Hall School.

Matthew Cook took an early lead in the Youth’s race. Luke Newby chased him round till the thrilling final sprint, which Luke took by half a wheel. Mattie had better get working on his race tactics as this technique has worked for Luke in several races this season. Elliot Brooker and Tom Castle also had strong solid races. Hugo Robinson was first U14 keeping ahead of big sister Hannah who was first girl. Well done to Angela Parker and Donna Ling for excellent performances on their first appearances as Novice Women. Angela kept well in front of Donna to take first prize. We look forward to welcoming them both back to more races.

There were lots of new faces at the Under 12’s race including several Ardens and Parkers. I think they hunt in packs. The charge was led by James Arden, with Alwyn Newstead hot on his trail. At the end of the first lap there was a bit of a tangle in the barrier tape and Alan Trolove took advantage of the situation to lead the race for a few laps with Jack Hardwick on his wheel. George Wood decided to take control in lap 5 and stormed into a commanding lead to win the race, followed in by a tremendous second place for Jack. There were lots of smiling faces – Samantha Parker pipped twin sister Katy to the line. It’s always a pleasure to see Sophie Holmes on the course - she’s a textbook example of racing for the enjoyment of it. The last word must go to Samuel Arden. At five years old he beat plenty of older children and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

The judges had a few minutes to stoke up with Karen Glover’s fabulous refreshments ready for the main event. 90 riders were lined up at the start. Uh-oh. The first couple of laps were ‘interesting’ as the riders, led from the start by Shaun Aldous and Nathan Miller, whizzed past in large groups. By lap 3 they had spread out making our lives slightly easier but we were kept on our toes for the full hour. We just about got the lap board sorted with 3 laps to go. Sarcastic comments concerning its absence were not appreciated as scoring that many riders was all-consuming.

Mark Farrow had a great race edging past Nick Ainsworth in lap 5, and finishing as first Veteran and fourth overall. Ben Spashett and Dave Copland leap frogged each other throughout the race till the last lap when Ben surged ahead. Dave couldn’t match the young whipperSpashett’s speed, but managed to pass an on-form, but tiring, Stuart Chatting. I reckon that Dave Miller was out enjoying one too many fireworks last night as he finished in 17th position, well down on his usual top 10 placing.

Ben Paton is blaming his placing on deafness, as he failed to hear his call to the third row of the grid. Paul Harris was evidently working hard as he had no time to hurl random comments at the judges. Andrew Arden used his years of cyclo-cross experience to soundly beat his brother Martin. This may have been because Martin dragged Brian Foster round the whole race. I suspect that Brian had attached a bungee cord to Martin’s bike. Brian maintained his record of never knowingly overtaking any fellow competitor.

Susan Wood took the Ladies prize, making it a double first day chez Wood, as Susan is also known as ‘George’s mum’.


Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Youth        Under 12

11Shaun AldousSenior.Interbike RT11 laps in 1:02:27
22Nathan MillerSenior.Ipswich BC+1:05
34Ian NewbySenior.Diss & District CC+2:58
476Mark FarrowVeteran .API/Metrow+3:00
55Nick AinsworthSenior.Fat Birds+3:28
640Ben SpashettSeniorXRT/Elmy Cycles+4:59
777Dave CoplandVeteran .Ipswich BC+5:14
825Stuart ChattingSenior.Angliasport+5:23
914Tim BonnettSenior.VC Baracchi+6:13
1011Craig BeechSenior.Interbike RT+1 lap +0:24
1110Robert HuntSenior.API/Metrow+1 lap +0:28
1231Tom StephensonSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:33
1341Jonny RamseySeniorDiss & District CC+1 lap +0:43
1444Mark ThomsonSeniorSt Ives+1 lap +1:25
1585Trevor HolmesVeteran .Diss & District CC+1 lap +1:27
1637Martin CarterSenior+1 lap +1:27
1726Dave MillerSenior.API/Metrow+1 lap +1:29
1882Jim HardwickeVeteran .Plomesgate CC+1 lap +1:33
1990Clive LingVeteran .Diss & District CC+1 lap +1:34
20121Philip HargreavesVeteranVC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +1:48
2134Chris GuySenior.Interbike RT+1 lap +2:02
2287Robert SmithVeteran .Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:10
2335Ben PatonSenior.Angliasport+1 lap +2:37
2416Adam KeerSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:43
257Neil StevensSenior.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +2:56
26122Phil BuickVeteranWest Drayton+1 lap +3:55
27152Carl HarrisJunior.Fat Birds+1 lap +4:07
2823Patrick HarbordSenior.VC Baracchi+1 lap +4:11
2996Bob PisolkerVeteran .Finsbury Park CC+1 lap +4:14
3020Stuart BaileySenior.Breeze Bikes.com+1 lap +4:46
31110David ConstableVeteran .Ipswich BC+1 lap +5:05
326Russel ParkinsSeniorVC Norwich / Fitt Signs+1 lap +5:05
3383Chris JillingsVeteran .Ipswich BC+1 lap +5:17
3418David WestSenior.Angliasport+1 lap +5:26
3551Darrel GloverSeniorNorwich ABC+1 lap +5:35
36106Mark WyerVeteran .CC Ashwell+1 lap +6:40
37117Alan McLarenVeteranNorwich ABC+2 laps +0:03
3895Dick WoodVeteran .Angliasport+2 laps +0:07
39154Daniel HewittJunior.Fakenham Premier+2 laps +0:11
40126Paul DavisVeteranSt Ives+2 laps +0:22
4122Richard DunnettSenior.Diss & District CC+2 laps +0:43
42113John GabrielVeteran .Hinckley RC+2 laps +0:48
4389David TriggsVeteran .Colchester Rovers+2 laps +0:51
44131Matthew SpillmanVeteranDiss & District CC+2 laps +1:15
4532Gary WoodSenior.Southend Wheelers+2 laps +1:18
4638Andrew WhelanSeniorMildenhall CC+2 laps +1:31
47153James HewittJunior.Fakenham Premier+2 laps +1:51
4884Paul HarrisVeteran .Fat Birds+2 laps +1:54
4947Duncan CrossleySenior+2 laps +2:52
50130Colin CracknellVeteranIpswich BC+2 laps +3:15
51119Richard EmmersonVeteranFlow Racing/WSW+2 laps +3:18
52108David JohnsonVeteran .Unattached+2 laps +3:25
53112Alastair MainVeteran .Godric CC+2 laps +4:09
5491Clive SparkesVeteran .Ipswich BC+2 laps +4:15
5586Dominic CastleVeteran .Ipswich BC+2 laps +4:17
56105Alan FrenchVeteran .Interbike RT+2 laps +4:33
5730Pat TozerSenior.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+2 laps +4:35
58125Alan MoylesVeteranSt Ives+2 laps +4:36
5912Roger HolmesSenior.Angliasport+2 laps +4:45
60109Stephen GreenVeteran .PCA Ciclos Uno+2 laps +5:09
6148Michael MalletSeniorFlow Racing/WSW+2 laps +5:20
6243Paul WhiteSeniorDiss & District CC+2 laps +5:22
6319Thomas WalkerSenior.Ipswich BC+2 laps +5:34
64128Jerry TurnerVeteranJT Cycles+2 laps +5:37
6550Keith RicharsonSeniorMildenhall CC+2 laps +5:39
6642Brett RustedSeniorDiss & District CC+2 laps +6:02
6745Steve DunnettSeniorDiss & District CC+2 laps +6:39
68118Andrew ArdenVeteranNorwich ABC+2 laps +7:27
6999Alan ChapmanVeteran .Mildenhall CC+2 laps +7:37
70116David GeorgeVeteranNorwich ABC+3 laps +0:05
71120Martin HewittVeteranFakenham Premier+3 laps +0:20
72129Stuart HocknellVeteranSt Ives+3 laps +1:46
73173Susan WoodWomen.Southend Wheelers+3 laps +1:57
74174Jen IvesWomenUnattached+3 laps +2:26
7539Kevin ParkerSeniorTeam Cambridge+3 laps +3:40
76171Sarah ArnoldWomen.API/Metrow+3 laps +4:40
7715Steve GeorgeSenior.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+3 laps +4:56
78115Richard JacksonVeteranColchester Rovers+3 laps +6:32
79103Paul GilsonVeteran .Ipswich BC+3 laps +7:01
80123Martin ArdenVeteranUnattached+4 laps +2:46
81124Brian FosterVeteranFakenham Premier+4 laps +2:48
-17Toby MillerSenior.Ipswich BCDNF
-28Nathan SimmonsSenior.Kings Lynn CCDNF
-33Ray SnowSenior.JD CyclesDNF
-49Joe SkipperSeniorVC BaracchiDNF
-78Julian ParkerVeteran .Ipswich BCDNF
-94Philip PeacockVeteran .JT CyclesDNF
-100Tim ButlerVeteran .Ipswich BCDNF
-102Colin NewsteadVeteran .Ipswich BCDNF
-127James CarpenterVeteranWest Suffolk WhlsDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

11Luke NewbyYouth.Diss & District CC5 laps in 31:56
22Matthew CookYouth.Mildenhall CC+0:01
316Elliot BrookerYouth.CC Ashwell+1:45
48Tom CastleYouth.Ipswich BC+2:00
511David NicholsYouth.Chelmer CC+2:53
619Andrew ConstableYouthIpswich BC+3:09
712Hugo RobinsonYth/U14.Ipswich BC+3:46
822Jake HalesYouthInterbike RT+5:03
910William AdamsYth/U14.Mildenhall CC+6:11
104Hannah RobinsonYouth.Ipswich BC+6:50
1123Christopher JohnstonYouthCambridge CC+1 lap +0:23
127Lewis ParkerYth/U14.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:47
1318Joshua GreenYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:47
145Frazer WoodYth/U14.Angliasport+1 lap +1:30
159Jenny HardwickeYth/U14.Plomesgate CC+1 lap +4:14
1617Calvert ChurchillYth/U14.API/Metrow+1 lap +4:48
1725Angela ParkerNovice LdyTeam Cambridge+1 lap +4:53
1821Daniel SnowYth/U14.JD Cycles+1 lap +5:22
1924Donna LingNovice LdyDiss & District CC+1 lap +6:47

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

19George WoodU12.Southend Wheelers11 laps in 15:45
24Jack HardwickeU10.Plomesgate CC+0:15
312Alan TroloveU12West Suffolk Whls+0:16
41James ArdenU10.Norwich ABC+0:43
52Alwyn NewsteadU12.Ipswich BC+1:07
610James JacksonU10.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:49
717Lucy EmmersonU12Team Flow+2 laps +1:15
813Samantha ParkerU12Team Cambridge+2 laps +1:19
914Katy ParkerU12Team Cambridge+2 laps +1:32
1015Danielle ParkerU10Team Cambridge+3 laps +0:09
1120Samuel ArdenU6+3 laps +0:41
1219Toby WhiteU10+3 laps +1:26
1318Matthew BakerU8Norwich ABC+4 laps +0:27
145Sophie HolmesU8.Diss & District CC+4 laps +1:07
1516Jake EmmersonU8Team Flow+4 laps +1:12

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