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Date: Sunday, 4 November 2007

Promoter: Norwich ABC

Contact: Darrel Glover 01953 455772(h) 07050 038048(m) drgbodyshop@tiscali.co.uk

Location: New Eccles Hall School, Eccles, Nr Attleborough, Norfolk. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Notes: This race is on the same day as the Inter-Area Team Championships. The Area wishes to send a team to the Championships without penalising riders in the Eastern League. So, on this day, League points wil be allocated firstly to the riders in the championships and then to riders in the local event. For example, if four senior riders finish in the championships, they will receive the normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position league points, respectively. The first rider in the local event would receive the normal 5th position league points, and so on. Riders will be selected for the championships based on average points in League events.


Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Youth        Under 12

143Philip CooperSeniorBlue Sky Cycles9 laps in 58:39
250Dan LewisSeniorRAF CC+1:46
3120Gavin RumblesVeteran.Trek VW+2:03
428Kevin WilbySenior.Ipswich BC+3:26
552Stephen BrazierSeniorSIS+3:28
646Tom MorrisSeniorCV CC+3:31
744Jonny RamseySeniorDiss & District CC+3:34
876Dave CoplandVeteran.Ipswich BC+3:36
926Chris GuySenior.Interbike RT+3:58
1023Ben PatonSenior.Angliasport+4:02
1139Martin CarterSeniorUnattached+4:21
129Adam KeerSenior.Ipswich BC+4:50
1385Bruce RobinsonVeteran.Shaftesbury CC+5:05
1478Jim HardwickeVeteran.Plomesgate CC+5:17
1584Geoff BoresVeteran.Ford CC+5:48
16105Clive LingVeteran.Diss & District CC+5:55
178Neil StevensSenior.VC Norwich / Fitt Signs+6:08
1879John TerrellVeteran.Ipswich BC+6:09
19114Russell CookVeteran.Ford CC+6:55
20121Alan LovegroveVeteran.North Road CC+7:01
2180Robert SmithVeteran.Ipswich BC+7:06
22100Colin CracknellVeteran.Ipswich BC+7:08
23139Matt SpillmanVeteranDiss & District CC+7:42
2429Ben NicholsonSenior.Interbike RT+1 lap +0:03
25125Clive HarrisonVeteran.Ford CC+1 lap +0:05
2610David WestSenior.Angliasport+1 lap +0:29
27124Terry SmithVeteran.Interbike RT+1 lap +0:45
2831Duncan CrossleySenior.Unattached+1 lap +0:48
2942Hayden WoodSeniorUnattached+1 lap +0:51
3097Kieron DunleaVeteran.PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +1:10
3149Adam WilliamsSeniorNorwich ABC+1 lap +1:12
32137Richard MuchmoreVeteranCrest Ilford CC+1 lap +1:14
33118John GabrielVeteran.Hinckley CRC+1 lap +1:20
34141Darrell GloverVeteranNorwich ABC+1 lap +1:34
3595Bob PisolkerVeteran.Finsbury Park CC+1 lap +1:48
36133Dick WoodVeteranAngliasport+1 lap +3:04
3793Philip PeacockVeteran.St Ives CC+1 lap +3:05
38135Richard EmmersonVeteranFlow Racing/WSW+1 lap +3:55
39101Alan FrenchVeteran.Interbike RT+1 lap +4:19
4088Jon ColbourneVeteran.Fat Birds+1 lap +4:23
4196David JohnsonVeteran.Richardson's Cycles+1 lap +5:10
42140Jerry TurnerVeteranJT Cycles+1 lap +6:04
4383David TriggsVeteran.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +6:59
4447Paul WhiteSeniorDiss & District CC+1 lap +7:10
4541Gary SmithSeniorKings Lynn CC+1 lap +7:44
46112Paul HarrisVeteran.Fat Birds+1 lap +7:46
4751Kevin ParkerSeniorTeam Cambridge+1 lap +7:53
4882Chris JillingsVeteran.Ipswich BC+1 lap +8:29
49116Martin HewittVeteran.Fat Birds+2 laps +0:39
5089Richard JacksonVeteran.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +0:41
5132Daniel WilliamsSenior.Unattached+2 laps +1:15
52132Ian HaywardVeteranUnattached+2 laps +1:43
5325Wojtek SiodelskiSenior.Stowmarket & District+2 laps +2:05
5413Paul SmithSenior.Ipswich BC+2 laps +2:50
5514Keith RichardsonSenior.Mildenhall CC+2 laps +3:12
5686Jonathon TaylorVeteran.Unattached+2 laps +3:24
57138Stuart HocknellVeteranSt Ives CC+2 laps +4:54
58129Dennis ReeveVeteran.Unattached+3 laps +0:07
59134Colin BeckworthVeteranUnattached+3 laps +1:07
60136Brian FosterVeteranFakenham Premier+3 laps +2:10
6122Chris CowenSenior.Colchester Rovers+3 laps +7:55
-11Roger HolmesSenior.53-12 MultisportsDNF
-24James HewittSenior.Fat BirdsDNF
-33Kevin BarkerSenior.PCA Ciclos UnoDNF
-37Mark ThomsonSenior.St Ives CCDNF
-48Chris PedderSeniorCambridge UniDNF
-90Mark FarrowVeteran.API/MetrowDQ
-99Tim ButlerVeteran.Ipswich BCDNF
-103Michael SheridanVeteran.Newmarket TriDNF
-104Colin NewsteadVeteran.Ipswich BC-
-111Martin GravesVeteran.Newmarket TriDNF
-122Paul GilsonVeteran.Ipswich BCDNF
-123James CarpenterVeteran.West Suffolk WhlsDNF
-130Adrian GrimwoodVeteran.West Suffolk WhlsDNF
-131Alan McLarenVeteranNorwich ABCDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

125Oliver JarvisYouthColchester Rovers5 laps in 33:05
210Sam BoresYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+2:41
314Daniel SnowYouth.JD Cycles+3:50
45Ellen TriggsYth/Girl.Colchester Rovers+5:15
58Jenny HardwickeYth/Girl/U14.Plomesgate CC+6:39
623Frazer WoodYouthVC Revolution+7:54
726Katey ParkerYouthTeam Cambridge+10:01
827Samantha ParkerYouthTeam Cambridge+10:41
924Natasha SoutherlandYouthFat Birds Tri Club+1 lap +2:15

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

11Sean DunleaU12.PCA Ciclos Uno10 laps in 13:10
24Jack HardwickeU12.Plomesgate CC+0:24
35Alwyn NewsteadU12.Ipswich BC+0:24
49James JacksonU10.Colchester Rovers+1:18
52James ArdenU12.Norwich ABC+1 lap +0:03
615Tommy LovegroveU10.Welwyn Wheelers+1 lap +0:46
718Danielle ParkerU12Team Cambridge+2 laps +0:04
812Henrietta ColbourneU10.Fat Birds+2 laps +0:07
916Keiran HaywardU12+2 laps +0:20
106Sophie HolmesU8.Diss & District CC+2 laps +0:55
113Joe PearsonU8.Ipswich BC+2 laps +1:19
127Matthew BakerU8.Unattached+2 laps +1:24
1314Isla RushU10.Norwich ABC+3 laps +0:18
1419Ricky ChanU12+3 laps +0:51
1522Toby WhiteU12+3 laps +1:25
1620Regan StevensU8.+5 laps +0:34
1721Emily WhiteU12+5 laps +1:02

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