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Date: Sunday, 7 December 2008

Promoter: Team Darenth

Contact: Paul Warner 01322 613264 paul@warnerpaul.wanadoo.co.uk

Location: Wilmington Grammar School, Common Lane, Wilmington, Kent, DA2 7DA. Click here for a map. Click the grey arrows at the bottom right of the map to see a detailed version.

Photos: www.londoncyclesport.com

Report: Your trusty scribe travelled o’er high seas to bring you tales of bravery and fortitude – well, we went over the Dartford Crossing. On foreign shores Wilmington welcomed us with tables overloaded with cakes and tea. This boded well for an excellent day of cyclo-cross.

The day was cold and bright and the racing was lively (or it was so muddy that wheels kept slipping out from under you). The long lap contained some speedy descents and a cheeky little uphill just before the judging line. This was a sneaky way of spreading you all out and slowing you down so we could record the numbers.

The Youth race had some real high flyers. Max Sykes pipped Hugo Humphreys to the line. They were closely followed by Taylor Johnstone. Hugo Robinson, accustomed to lapping the field, had to settle for 5th place after succumbing to a tumble and mechanical issues. Josh Parkin led the Under 14s home – almost 2 minutes ahead of his nearest rival, Eliot Philips. Alan Trolove made the long journey well worthwhile for an excellent 3rd place. Quiet man Alan has shown excellent consistency this season and is stealthily climbing up the league table. Meantime, Lewis Parker, with regular confident performances, is now at the top spot in the Youth league.

Ellie Sykes showed the rest of the girls how it’s done. Sara Gent was close behind. Rhianna Wood won the Under 16 Girls prize.

Tom Franklin stormed round the Under 12’s course. Sam Titmarsh (2nd) and Anthony Anderson (3rd) had to chase his dust. In the Under 10’s Daniel Tulett had a convincing win over Freddie Argent and Toby Martin. Sophie Holmes was the 1st girl home.

David Nichols led the Vet/Women/Junior race from the start. When you look at the times, please remember that the Vets set off 1 minute after the Juniors, and the Women set off 3.5 minutes after the Juniors. Some time later, Luke Newby took 2nd place. Mick Bell was loving this course – Matt Seaton and Gavin Rumbles could only chase in his wake. Doug Fox, in the over 50’s category, had a great ride. Tim Butler was very happy with 2nd place, now he’s back on form after the carbon-monoxide episode that has marred his performance over the season. Philip Cooper (Snr) surprised Chris Gooch for the 60-to-death prize. Racy Rachel Moss made easy work in the Women’s race. She was followed by Katherine Mason and Nicky Hughes.

The Senior race was run by Darren Barclay, with Jamie Newell in 2nd and Matt Holmes in 3rd. The best placed Eastern League rider was Shaun Aldous who grabbed a safe 5th place ahead of Nathan Miller. Unfortunately I didn’t actually see any of this race because…

Life is always a bit more complicated at inter-league events as we settle into a hybrid of league customs. Do you remember the days before the results were computerised? The winners got their prizes, and everyone else had to wait till the next event to see their result. The “limitation” of the computerised system is that it can’t distinguish between riders wearing duplicate numbers. That is one reason it is so important to use the number you are given and to compete in the race you are registered for. The judges lived in interesting times: Lillian Martin, excited at competing in her first cross event, grabbed lucky number 1 rather than wait to be given her allotted number 90. So we had George Higgs correctly riding with number 1 – and Lillian! That was easy enough to untangle. Less so, were the two number 39s riding in the Veteran race. David West was the ‘real’ number 39. Kevin Attridge (probably), though of Veteran age, was not pre-entered, and so could only ride in the Senior race, because the Veteran race was full. He was allotted his Senior race number and proceeded to ride the Veteran race. This caused much head scratching and delayed our usual speedy results service while we worked out which scores belonged to David. So David, if you don’t think that your result is correct, please contact the webmaster. When we were finally all settling down to some more tea and cake (the most scientifically proven and effective restorative), the results service was met by a rather disappointed rider – she had been completely omitted from the results. After some searching and some inspired detective work, we realised that her friend had pinned her number 99 on upside-down and she was recorded as number 66! Sometimes, you know, it really isn’t our fault!


Senior        Lap-o-meter        League table        Jun/Vet/Women        Youth        Under 12

131Darren BarclaySeniorArtic Premier RT9 laps in 59:24
223Jamie NewellSeniorVC Meudon+0:27
332Matt HolmesSeniorArtic Premier RT+1:38
413Chris AnsellSeniorTeam Corridori+1:45
53Shaun AldousSeniorLotta Olympia Team Interbike+2:49
69Nathan MillerSeniorLotta Olympia Team Interbike+4:20
722Andy WatermanSeniorDulwich Paragon+5:33
87Kevin KnoxSeniorDulwich ParaonCC+6:20
934Gary LingardSeniorLondon Pheonix+6:37
1024Stuart JonesSeniorLondon Pheonix+6:41
114Ian NewbySeniorDiss & District CC+7:18
1246Pierre RousselSeniorVC Chaumont+7:30
1329Ben SpurrierSeniorUnattached+1 lap +0:07
1428Allister TulettSeniorArtic Premier RT+1 lap +2:01
1515Stuart ChattingSeniorAmis-Velo/Solo Scaffolding+1 lap +2:23
161Craig BeechSeniorInterbike RT+1 lap +4:07
1719Andrew NicholsSeniorCambridge Uni CC+1 lap +4:26
1845Geoffrey LulhamSeniorMule Bar+1 lap +5:04
1927Adam KeerSeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +5:20
2044Paul SheersSeniorUnattached+1 lap +6:28
2135Bryon RamondSeniorUnattached+1 lap +6:36
226Owen BanisterSeniorVC Revolution+1 lap +8:25
2342Steve BrownSeniorUnattached+2 laps +0:38
2414Hayden WoodSeniorUnattached+2 laps +2:07
2516Tim ChandlerSeniorWelwyn Wheelers+2 laps +3:13
2641Kevin BallSeniorDulwich Paragon+2 laps +3:39
2738Tony BartlettSeniorTeam Corridall+2 laps +3:50
2812Tony BerlinSeniorCrawley CC+2 laps +3:59
298Paul SmithSeniorIpswich BC+2 laps +7:08
3047Alex TyrellSeniorOld Portlians+2 laps +7:34
3110Rupert RobinsonSeniorCrawley Wheelers+2 laps +9:44
3217Robert KingslandSeniorVC Deal+3 laps +2:36
3340David BellingerSeniorEvans RT+3 laps +6:32
3421Andy ParkerSeniorVC Revolution+4 laps +3:31
-2Nigel LingSeniorCitihub/cyclesDauphinDNF
-11Adam GentSeniorIn Gear Development SquadDNF
-20Kevin JamesSeniorCrawley WheelersDNF
-25Gary RecordSeniorVC DealDNF
-26Robert HuntSeniorA P I MeltrowDNF
-30Matt GallagherSeniorPCA Ciclos UnoDNF
-33Bill BellSeniorGemini BCDNF
-43Lee SayersSeniorSan Fairy Ann CCDNF

Please note that the Juniors, Veterans and Women raced concurrently but started at slightly different times. Therefore, the lap-o-meter will not give meaningful comparisons between riders in different categories (but it's fine to compare the sub-categories of veterans). Also, the first lap times are overstated by 1 minute for the veterans and 3.5 minutes for the women.

Jun/Vet/Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Youth        Under 12

181David NicholsJuniorsGlendene cc/Biketrax6 laps in 40:08
280Luke NewbyJuniorsDiss& District CC+2:08
383Max FilleulJuniorsUnattached+3:21
486Felix EnglishJuniorsCorridori+3:41
524Mick BellVeteranLondon Fire Brigade CC+3:44
638Matt SeatonVeteranMosquito Bikes/Cicli Pegoretti+3:57
720Gavin RumblesVeteranCC Luton+4:01
834John LyonnsVeteranGS Invicta+4:10
937Clive LingVeteranDiss& Disrict CC+4:25
1071Douglas FoxVet50+Crawley Wheelers+5:14
1140Neil SimpsonVeteranLondon Pheonix+5:31
1223Dave CoplandVeteranIpswich BC+5:39
1348Stephen BrazierVetVW Racing+5:54
141George HiggsVeteranBrighton Excelsior+6:04
1582Thomas CastleJuniorsGlendene cc/Biketrax+6:15
1669Tim ButlerVet50+Ipswich BC+6:16
172Philip JonesVeteranCitihub/CyclesDauphin+6:23
1884Ciaran OgradyJuniorsVC Deal+6:55
1970Bruce RobinsonVet50+Shaftsbury CC+7:14
2027Andrew ClarkeVeteranCambridge CC+7:24
2163Geoff BoresVet50+FordCC+7:39
2215Simon ScarsbrookVeteranVC Etoile+8:03
2318Nigel LangridgeVeteranCrawley Wheelers+1 lap +0:31
2445Paul HudsonVeteranSprockets.uk.com+1 lap +0:36
2521Kieran DunleaVeteranPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +0:40
2632Konrad ManningVeteranFinsbury Park CC+1 lap +0:46
2787Tom GoldsmithJuniorsUnattached+1 lap +0:50
2841Terry SmithVeteranLotto Olympia RT+1 lap +1:04
2914Stuart LockyearVeteranLondon Pheonix+1 lap +1:11
3039David WestVeteranAmis-Velo RT+1 lap +1:15
3176Philip CooperVet60+Unattached+1 lap +1:23
3236Chris BracewellVeteranVCC+1 lap +2:06
337Chris JillingsVeteranIpswich BC+1 lap +2:29
3464Paul WarnerVet50+Team Darenth+1 lap +2:36
3561Martin GravesVet50+Newmaret Cycling & Triathlon Club+1 lap +2:43
3668Rob SmithVet50+Ipswich BC+1 lap +3:04
3746Kevin PerkinsVeteranSEEDS CC+1 lap +3:05
3810Michael SheridanVeteranNewmarket Cycling& Triathlon Club+1 lap +3:25
3947Dominic CastleVeteranIpswich BC+1 lap +3:30
4025David TriggsVeteranColchester Rovers CC+1 lap +4:20
4133Julian SuttonVeteranTeam Darenth+1 lap +4:21
4291Rachel MossWomenFord CC+1 lap +5:18
4375Chris GoochVet60+Amis Velo+1 lap +5:45
4465Richard JacksonVet50+Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +6:21
4511Brian ScarboroVeteranGS Pre Alpino+1 lap +6:26
4695Katherine MasonWomenSussex Nomads+1 lap +6:29
47101Nicky HughesWomenActiv Cycles+1 lap +7:07
4897Clair BeumontWomenLondon Dynano/Cyclefit+1 lap +7:26
495Paul SparksVeteranPCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +8:06
5026Paul BuckleyVeteranWigmore CC+1 lap +8:30
5130Rob WoodVeteranTeam Darenth+1 lap +8:38
5273Ray BlackwellVet50+Bedbury forest CC+1 lap +8:40
5331Alan FrenchVeteranInterbike+1 lap +9:05
5474Mick CurtisVet60+Corridori/Specialized+2 laps +0:29
5535Jo GreenVeteranFinsbury Park CC+2 laps +0:52
5685Sam CheesemanJuniorsIngear Development squad+2 laps +1:44
5766Helen BullimoreWomenCrawley Whls+2 laps +1:52
5893Nicola WadhamWomenKingston Wheelers+2 laps +2:26
5998Maria DavidWomenDulwich Paragon+2 laps +4:04
6094Joanne KnightWomenWelwyn Wheelers+2 laps +4:39
6188Jan KoscoJuniorsTeam Darenth+2 laps +5:34
62999Kevin Attridge(?)VeteranMedway+2 laps +7:54
6322Martin DawsonVeteranKingston Wheelers+2 laps +11:17
6429Laurence BellamyVeteranFord CC+3 laps +0:11
6590Lillian MartinWomenTeam Darenth+3 laps +0:27
-6Clive HarrisonVeteranFord CCDNF
-17Julian ParkerVeteranIpswich BCDNF
-28Peter SykesVeteranVC Deal/Hammonds/ActivDNF
-44Steve BlackmoreVeteranGemini BCDNF
-72Andrew KayVet50+Sydenham WheelersDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Jun/Vet/Women        Under 12

129Max SykesUnder16/sVC Deal/Hammonds /Activ4 laps in 25:34
231Hugo HumphreysUnder16/sLVYCC+0:01
326Taylor JohnstoneUnder16/sTeam De Ver+0:07
434Alec BriggsUnder16/sArtic Premier RT+0:21
522Hugo RobinsonUnder16/sIpswich BC+1:14
619Patrick ScarboroUnder16/sCitihub/cyclesDauphin+1:52
720Daniel YoungUnder16/sGlendene CC/Biketrax+2:51
82Josh ParkinUnder14/sHHYCC+3:00
918Alex AndersonUnder16/sWelwyn Wheelers CC+3:27
1027Jack FinchUnder16/sVC Londres+4:21
1132Nicholas SmithUnder16/sVC Jubilee+4:29
1217Lewis ParkerUnder16/sIpswich BC+4:56
1336Eliot PhilipsUnder14/sHHYCC+4:58
1413Alan TroloveUnder14/sWest Suffolk Wheelers+5:57
1538Nicholas KerneyUnder16/sVC Deal+6:36
1615Ashley DennisUnder14/sVC Jubilee+7:16
173Liam CowellUnder14/sTeam Darenth+7:25
1835Noah PhilipsUnder14/sHHYCC+8:33
196Jezz McCannUnder14/sTeam Darenth+1 lap +0:03
207Sam MaslanUnder14/sTeam Darenth+1 lap +0:24
2133Jack SpicerUnder16/sVC Deal/Hammonds /Activ+1 lap +0:39
2211Ellie SykesUnder14/GirlVC Deal/Hammonds/Activ+1 lap +0:40
239Sara GentUnder14/GirlIn-gear Devolopment Squad+1 lap +0:56
248Sean DunleaUnder14/sPCA Cilos Uno+1 lap +1:41
2512Samuel NorthUnder14/sTeam Darenth+1 lap +3:20
261Phoebe Aubugeau-WilliamsUnder14/GirlIpswich BC+1 lap +3:21
2737Matthew BuckUnder14/sGo ride Bexley+2 laps +0:34
2830Rhianna WoodUnder16/GirlTeam Darenth+2 laps +0:35
-16Harry FranklinUnder14/sHHYCCDNF
-28Declan HigginsUnder16/sTwickenham CCDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

114Tom FranklinUnder12/sHHYCC6 laps in 15:45
28Sam TitmarshUnder12/sTeam Darenth+0:33
37Anthoney AndersonUnder12/sKingston Wheelers+1:03
411Thomas FinchUnder12/sVC Londres+2:05
513Joseph SuttonUnder12/sTeam Darenth+2:11
610Henry DawsonUnder12/sKingston Wheelers+2:42
79James JacksonUnder12/sColchester Rovers CC+1 lap +0:03
822Stanley NutterUnder12/sHHYCC+1 lap +1:24
916Patrick FaintUnder12/sTeam Darenth+1 lap +1:39
1012Archie WishartUnder12/sWelwyn WheelersCC+1 lap +2:12
1118Jonathan BuckUnder12/sGo ride Bexley+1 lap +2:35
1221Mitchell PowellUnder12/sChelmer CC+1 lap +3:49
1317Shea GardnerUnder12/sTeam Darenth+2 laps +3:57

Under 10        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen        Jun/Vet/Women        Youth

15Daniel TulettUnder 10/sHHYCC4 laps in 10:34
220Freddie ArgentUnder 10/sHHYCC+0:42
33Toby MartinUnder 10/sTeam Darenth+1:30
46Ben TulettUnder 10/sHHYCC+2:56
51Sophie HolmesUnder 10/GirlDiss& District CC+1 lap +0:28
64George FinchUnder 10/sHHYCC+1 lap +0:29
719Michael ParryUnder 10/sWelwyn WheelersCC+1 lap +0:42
82Nathan MartinUnder 10/sTeam Darenth+1 lap +1:16
915Georgie HopkinsUnder 10/sGo ride Bexley+1 lap +1:36

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