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Date: Sunday, 2 January 2011

Promoter: XRT-Elmy Cycles

Contact: Nathan Miller 07814 678064 / 01473 424108 natbikes@hotmail.com

Location: Foxhall Stadium, Foxhall Road, Ipswich, IP4 5TL.

Photos: From Kevin Rolt. (women/vet race only).

Video: From Mark Carroll (MECcyclingUK):

Report: Two junior riders showed the benefits of racing in Belgium over the Christmas period as preparation for this weekend's National Championship, Hugo Robinson (xrt -elmy cycles) and Taylor Johnstone (Team DE VER) taking the top two places in the category A xrt - elmy cycles - supacross at former nationals venue Foxhall stadium near Ipswich.

Team tactics played a part in the race early on as Hugo and teammate Nathan Miller lead into the woods on the 1st lap, Miller letting Robinson open a small lead whilst holding back the chasers in the narrow sections of the course, once back in the open Johnstone gave chase with Miller, Darren Barclay (arctic rt), Greg Simcock (phil corley cycles) and Andy Waterman (vicious velo) forming a chasing quartet a few seconds further back. Current National Youth champion Robinson kept piling on the pressure up front and steadily increased his lead, racing on his regular training ground Robinson never looked in trouble, smoothly attacking the course's sandy twists and turns. The chase group behind split up with Barclay dragging Miller up to Johnstone, Waterman got tangled up in the bushes leaving Simcock alone in 5th.

The closing stages and Robinson is safe in the lead whilst teammate Miller gives the commisaires something to think about as his aggressive overtaking of Johnstone just before the finish causes uproar in the pits, Miller just crossing the line in second with the commisaires then handing him a small time penalty to reverse the placings. Kevin Knox (vicious velo) rounded out the top 10 taking the 1st elite vet prize.

In the Vets and Womens race Phil Buick (thetford mtb) and Bruce Robinson (shaftesbury cc) had a right ding dong battle as different parts of the course suited each of their strengths, Buick a mountain biker during the summer was quicker through the woods whilst Robinson a regular time trialist was quicker on the more open stretches, it all ended in a sprint where Buick 1st out of the last corner just held off Robinson with a lunge for the line.

Corrine Hall (corridori) and Claire Beaumont (rapha) battled amongst the vets and themselves, Corrine getting away from Claire mid race, the pair both well inside the top 10 at the finish.

Harry Franklin (hargroves cycles) showed his class, comfortably winning the youth race whilst new hargroves signing Dan Tulett did the same in the Under 12's race, his younger brother Ben (palmer park velo) taking 2nd and 1st under 10.


Senior/Junior/Elite Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Women/Vet        Youth        Under 12

1151Hugo RobinsonJunior.XRT-Elmy Cycles9 laps in 1:00:17
2163Taylor JohnstoneJuniorTeam De Ver+0:48
310Nathan MillerSenior.XRT-Elmy Cycles+0:51
449Darren BarclaySeniorArtic Premier RT+1:20
52Greg SimcockSenior.Team Corley Cycles+1:49
644Andy WatermanSeniorVicious Velo+2:28
71Andrew NicholsSenior.Cambridge Uni+2:31
811Shaun AldousSenior.Extreme Sports Therapy+2:47
946Paul SheersSeniorUnattached+3:46
1079Kevin KnoxE/Vet.Vicious Velo+4:10
1150Michael GuilfordSeniorKreative Velo+4:17
12165Jack FinchJuniorVC Deal+4:34
1386Martin CarterE/Vet.Unattached+4:38
1434Steven HalsallSenior.St Ives CC+4:57
1574Ben PatonE/Vet.Amis Velo RT+5:06
1638Ben SpurrierSeniorRapha Condor cc+5:07
1771Gavin RumblesE/Vet.CC Luton+5:08
1872Ian NewbyE/Vet.Diss & District CC+5:38
1937David NicholsSeniorVan Eyck Sport-Wambeek+8:05
204Richard DunnettSenior.Diss & District CC+1 lap +0:02
2142David ReesSeniorDulwich Paragon+1 lap +0:12
2277Philip PeacockE/Vet.St Ives CC+1 lap +0:19
2395James WhatlingE/VetTwenty3c-Orbea+1 lap +0:21
2494Neil SimpsonE/VetLondon Pheonix+1 lap +1:00
25161Gabriel ClarkeJunior.Unattached+1 lap +1:10
2648Stuart NisbettSeniorCrawley Wheelers+1 lap +1:21
2792Ivan BurchE/Vet.Velo Schils Interbike+1 lap +1:23
2875Julian ParkerE/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +1:35
2996Konrad ManningE/VetRapha Condor cc+1 lap +1:45
3040Gavin WilliamsSeniorUnattached+1 lap +1:51
3178Dave CoplandE/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:07
328Martin DunnettSenior.Diss & District CC+1 lap +2:12
3388Kevin BarkerE/Vet.PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +2:23
3481Bruce MackieE/Vet.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +2:57
3543Neil StevensSeniorPedal Revolution+1 lap +3:02
3647Adam KeerSeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +3:09
37156James JobberJunior.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +3:33
38154Patrick CookJunior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:16
3933Antony BirtSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:25
4035Matthew MantleSenior.Mildenhall CC+1 lap +4:36
4182Paul MossE/Vet.Stowmarket & District+1 lap +5:15
4213Robert ChenerySenior.Unattached+1 lap +5:19
4390David FraserE/Vet.Unattached+1 lap +6:34
4439Jack PeasgoodSeniorWalden Tri+1 lap +6:43
4541Stephen MavinSeniorSt Ives CC+1 lap +7:27
4684Russell CookE/Vet.Ford CC+1 lap +7:31
4745Peter IngramSeniorIpswich BC+1 lap +7:58
4891Michael SmithE/Vet.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +8:58
4983Colin NewsteadE/Vet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:05
5080Jim HardwickeE/Vet.Plomesgate CC+2 laps +3:22
-17Tom CastleSenior.Ipswich BCDNF
-159Lewis ParkerJunior.Ipswich BCDNF

Women/Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Youth        Under 12

13Phil BuickVet 50+.Thetford MTB5 laps in 38:27
21Bruce RobinsonVet 50+.Shaftesbury CC+0:01
36Tony WilkinsVet 50+.Team Jewson+1:10
4139Corrine HallWomenTeam Corridori+1:41
54Geoff BoresVet 50+.Ford CC+1:49
645Philip CooperVet 60+.Unattached+2:00
718John TerrellVet 50+.Ipswich BC+2:01
8143Claire BeaumontWomenRapha Condor+2:05
959Craig GouldVeteran.Ipswich BC+2:07
108Martin GravesVet 50+.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+2:31
1182Chris RidleyVeteran.Maldon & District+2:44
1217Nicholas WebberVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+2:47
1357David WestVeteran.Amis Velo RT+3:00
1479Paul DriverVeteran.Ipswich BC+3:12
1523Colin CracknellVet 50+.Ipswich BC+3:17
1674Andy HillVeteran.Unattached+3:34
1768Simon HurrellVeteran.Maldon & District+3:41
1872Antony BensleyVeteran.Unattached+3:45
1954Roger HolmesVeteran.53-12 Multisports+3:54
2096Mike BowenVeteran.West Suffolk Whls+3:56
2177David TriggsVeteran.Colchester Rovers+4:02
2262Michael BarnardVeteran.Colchester Rovers+4:03
23115Dan ZagniVeteranIpswich BC+4:21
2467Lee RowlingVeteran.Chelmer CC+4:38
2578Clive QuantrillVeteran.Ipswich Triathlon Club+4:49
2627Peter HallVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+4:50
27113Steve WoodsVeteranUnattached+4:53
28140Anna BuickWomenThetford MTB+4:55
2919Duncan CheneryVet 50+.Unattached+4:57
30100Kevin RoltVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+5:30
3110Stephen DunnettVet 50+.Diss & District CC+5:39
3287Steve De BoltzVeteran.Ipswich Triathlon Club+5:46
33142Rachel FentonWomenAN Cycles+5:48
3461Jon PerianVeteran.CC Breckland+5:50
3571Paul SparksVeteran.PCA Ciclos Uno+6:20
36112Richard EmmersonVeteranWest Suffolk Whls+6:22
3749Barry DennyVet 60+.West Suffolk Whls+6:26
3853Alan FrenchVeteran.Velo Schils Interbike+6:49
3955Glen BorehamVeteran.Velo Schils Interbike+6:49
4070Andy KennedyVeteran.Ipswich BC+7:10
4184Darren MyersVeteran.Crest CC+7:17
4269Paul GibbsVeteran.Unattached+7:36
43111James WebsterVeteranColchester Swimmers+7:46
44107John StockwellVeteran+7:52
4513Kevin BuntonVet 50+.Maldon & District+7:54
46108James CoughlanVeteranGodric CC+8:06
4763Dominic CastleVeteran.Ipswich BC+8:07
4865Jim ClaytonVeteran.Colchester Rovers+8:08
4925Stephen NicholsVet 50+.Unattached+8:21
5092Mark GibbsVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+8:23
5122Tony MadgwickVet 50+.Lee Valley Youth CC+8:38
5220Tony SheppardVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+9:07
5311Colin DoeVet 50+.Ford CC+1 lap +0:14
54122Joolz HalpinWomen/Vet.Maldon & District+1 lap +0:27
55144Emma WoodWomenLondon Phoenix+1 lap +0:29
56138Emilie WixWomenXRT/Elmy Cycles+1 lap +1:06
57136Nicki DavisWomen.Walden Tri+1 lap +1:32
58137Sue McIntyreWomen/Vet.Walden Tri+1 lap +1:39
5944Stuart HocknellVet 60+.St Ives CC+1 lap +2:21
60110Mark HigginsVeteran+1 lap +2:22
6129Soren SjolinVet 50+.West Suffolk Whls+1 lap +2:25
625Peter PartnerVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +3:07
63141Clare ThompsonWomenWalden Tri+1 lap +3:11
64109Dom BarnesVeteran+1 lap +5:08
6541Philip WilliamsVet 60+Unattached+1 lap +5:44
6630Geraint DaviesVet 50+Unattached+1 lap +6:29
67114Andy HardcastleVeteran+1 lap +7:06
68125Anna FraserWomen/Vet.City Cycle Centre+1 lap +9:17
69123Annette SmithWomen/Vet.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +4:51
70135Diane MantleWomen.Mildenhall CC+2 laps +6:24

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women/Vet        Under 12

139Harry FranklinYouthHargroves Cycles4 laps in 28:35
21Alan TroloveYouth.West Suffolk Whls+0:53
32Sean DunleaYouth.PCA Ciclos Uno+0:54
438Dylan Kerfoot-RobsonYouthRhos-on-Sea CC+1:34
537Josh ParkinYouthArctic Premier+1:35
640Tom FranklinYth/U14Hargroves Cycles+1:42
741Liam CowellYouthVelo Club Londres+1:56
842Joe FryYth/U14Welwyn Whls CC+2:36
945Rory TownsendYouthPrestige VC+2:42
106Imogen BuickYth/Girl.Thetford MTB+4:18
118Alwyn NewsteadYouth.Ipswich BC+5:00
123Archie WishartYth/U14.Welwyn Whls CC+5:25
134Matthew MadgwickYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+5:34
145James MadgwickYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+6:09
1543Bethany HaywardYouthWelwyn Whls CC+6:40
1631Jonathan SjolinYouth.West Suffolk Whls+6:42
1735Keira Mc VittyYth/Girl.Kings Cliffew Flyers+7:09
1832James TapleyYth/U14.Cambridge Triathlon Club+8:48
1921Frank LongstaffYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+9:00
2046William HughesYouthIpswich BC+9:06
219Jack HardwickeYth/U14.Plomesgate CC+9:55
2212Callum MackieYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:41
2325Lorna RobinsonYth/U14/Girl.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:50
2418Henry PerienYth/U14.CC Breckland+1 lap +1:46
2513Sherilyn PowellYth/Girl.Chelmer CC+1 lap +1:46
2622Francesca Morgans-SladerYth/Girl.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +2:28
2744Harry ChavnerYouthLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +3:37
2833Lewis HardcastleYth/U14.City of Norwich+1 lap +6:51

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women/Vet        Youth

139Daniel TulettU12Hargroves Cycles7 laps in 13:50
240Ben TulettU10.Palmer Park Velo+0:57
338Sol Kerfoot RobsonU12Rhos-on-Sea+1:15
43Zak ColemanU12.Gt Yarmouth CC+1:16
530Georg JensenU12.Lee Valley Youth CC+1:18
64Pierce BaconU12.Ipswich BC+2:11
79Felix MackieU10.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:19
81Sophie HolmesU12.Diss & District CC+1 lap +0:20
917Bob LongstaffU12.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:41
102Matthew BakerU12.City of Norwich+1 lap +0:54
115Tomas GouldU12.Ipswich BC+1 lap +1:31
1241Tom MartinU10.Herne Hill Youth+1 lap +1:32
1329Colin MantleU10.Mildenhall CC+1 lap +1:59
1435William DaviesU10.DG Davies+1 lap +2:08
1512Aaron FreemanU10.Chelmer CC+1 lap +2:22
1616Finlay ClaytonU12.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +0:18
1728Joseph LathamU10.Welwyn Whls CC+2 laps +0:21
187Rowan BakerU10.City of Norwich+2 laps +0:35
1942Harrison BaconU10.Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:56
2018Sam BoothU12.Ipswich BC+2 laps +1:00
2136Tom DaviesU8.DG Davies+2 laps +1:01
2219Oliver VobeU12.Ipswich BC+2 laps +1:08
2334Alexandra SjolinU12.West Suffolk Whls+2 laps +1:38
2413Fergus CrouchU10.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +2:08
2510Oliver PartnerU10.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +2:09
268Daniel HallU8.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +2:49
2714Connor GouldU8.Ipswich BC+3 laps +0:33

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