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Date: Sunday, 17 October 2010

Promoter: Amis Velo RT - Solo Scaffolding

Contact: Ben Paton 07909 280125 / 01206 524545 ben.paton@sky.com

Location: Hillyfields East, Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3LL. (Off Cymberline Way A133, GR TM987 257.)

Photos: Amis Velo Flickr site

Report: Another fast flowing course greeted riders who turned up to race the Amis Velo hillyfields cyclocross in Colchester on Sunday round 5 of the eastern cyclocross league.

The senior race including juniors and elite vets was once again led from the 1st lap to the finish by junior Hugo Robinson (xrt -elmy cycles), having taken 22nd the previous week in the junior superprestige race in Rudervoorde, Belgium. Robinson's pace was just too fast on the opening lap with Shaun Aldous (extreme sports Therapy) briefly staying in touch with the Ipswich youngster before dropping back to a chase group containing Andy Nichols (cambridge uni), Greg Simcock (phil corley cycles) and Robinson's teammate Nathan Miller. After 3 laps Robinson had built up a lead of almost 30 seconds but the pace was still on in the chase group with Nichols and Simcock often swopping places to try and take a tactical advantage on the course as Aldous bided his time behind and Miller began to drop off the pace eventually being replaced in 5th spot by leading elite vet Gary Lingard (cc hackney), with Robinson's lead pegged at 30 secs Aldous moved to the front of the chase with 3 laps to go putting Simcock into trouble, desperate to have the lead into any singletrack section Nichols forced his way past Aldous, with 2 to go Simcock had clawed his way back into the race for 2nd, into the final lap Robinson was safe with a 30second cusion and the spectators attention was drawn to the battle for 2nd, Nichols seemed the quicker in a straight line, Aldous tried in vein to find a way past throughout the last half lap as Nichols battled to stay in front, the pair shelling Simcock, the pair came into the finish straight together but with Nichols leading Aldous could do more than hold his wheel to the line.

A trio soon formed at the front of the Vets and Women's race with Tim Butler (ipswich bc) forcing the early pace before being overhauled by Gary Allan (ga cycles) who opened up a 20 second winning advantage with Phil Buick (thetford mtb) in 3rd. Joolz Halpin (Maldon & District) enjoyed the fast technical sections at hillyfields and comfortably won the womens race.

Alan Trolove (west suffolk wheelers) and Sean Dunlea (pca ciclos uno) soon pulled away from the rest in the youth race, but Dunlea found Trolove's pace too much and Trolove romped away for the win, Imogen Buick (thetford mtb) beat all but 4 of the boys to take the 1st youth girl prize and 5th overall.

Zak Coleman (gt yarmouth cc) outsprinted Pierce Bacon (ipswich bc) after nearly 15 mins of racing to win the Under 12's race with Sophie Holmes (diss and district) 1st girl and 6th overall.


Senior/Junior/Elite Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Women/Vet        Youth        Under 12

1151Hugo RobinsonJunior.XRT-Elmy Cycles8 laps in 56:53
21Andrew NicholsSenior.Cambridge Uni+0:20
311Shaun AldousSenior.Extreme Sports Therapy+0:21
42Greg SimcockSenior.Team Corley Cycles+0:31
594Gary LingardE/VetCC Hackney+1:34
610Nathan MillerSenior.XRT-Elmy Cycles+1:59
734Steven HalsallSenior.St Ives CC+2:39
839Phil CooperSeniorBlue Sky+2:43
9153Joshua HannanJunior.Extreme Sports Therapy+3:09
1071Gavin RumblesE/Vet.CC Luton+3:12
1137Tim GuySeniorEst+3:36
1272Ian NewbyE/Vet.Diss & District CC+4:06
1328Hayden WoodSenior.Unattached+4:19
1473Clive HarrisonE/Vet.Ford CC+4:59
1596Steven BrazierE/VetMts+5:12
16156James JobberJunior.Colchester Rovers+5:28
1742Chris PedderSeniorAW Cycles+5:50
1812Ben NicholsonSenior.Extreme Sports Therapy+5:51
1991Michael SmithE/Vet.Colchester Rovers+6:07
2078Dave CoplandE/Vet.Ipswich BC+6:16
2177Philip PeacockE/Vet.St Ives CC+6:25
2290David FraserE/Vet.Unattached+6:28
2392Ivan BurchE/Vet.Velo Schils Interbike+7:16
2485Patrick StokesE/Vet.Unattached+7:25
2540Adam KeerSeniorIpswich BC+7:29
2630Dan StevensSenior.Blue Sky+7:32
2736Adam WhiteSenior53-12 Multisports+7:34
28154Patrick CookJunior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:36
2997Phil MurrellE/VetFinsbury Park+1 lap +0:44
3023Jonathan BestSenior.St Ives CC+1 lap +0:59
3182Paul MossE/Vet.Stowmarket & District+1 lap +1:13
3288Kevin BarkerE/Vet.PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +1:24
3313Robert ChenerySenior.Unattached+1 lap +1:45
3433Antony BirtSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:20
3595Chris GuyE/VetEst/Streetlife+1 lap +2:38
3635Matthew MantleSenior.Mildenhall CC+1 lap +2:40
3783Colin NewsteadE/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:53
3884Russell CookE/Vet.Ford CC+1 lap +3:11
3980Jim HardwickeE/Vet.Plomesgate CC+1 lap +3:53
4087Kieron DunleaE/Vet.PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +3:54
4138Steven GrimwoodSeniorElmy Cycles+1 lap +5:01
4225Mark WalkerSenior.Velo Schils Interbike+1 lap +5:30
4393John BatchelorE/Vet.St Ives CC+1 lap +6:21
4420Mark LongstaffSenior.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +7:17
4532Wassim AldairySenior.North Road CC+1 lap +8:26
4641Rachel FentonSeniorUnattached+1 lap +8:39
4715Daniel BabbsSenior.Chelmer CC+2 laps +4:13
48163Oliver WaterfallJuniorUnattached+3 laps +10:07
-43Simon BatesonSeniorEast London VeloDNF
-98Nick HuntonE/VetNorth Road CCDNF
-161Gabriel ClarkeJunior.Unattached-

Women/Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Youth        Under 12

1104Gary AllanVeteranGA Cycles6 laps in 46:45
22Tim ButlerVet 50+.Ipswich BC+0:21
33Phil BuickVet 50+.Thetford MTB+0:51
44Geoff BoresVet 50+.Ford CC+2:04
5101David BrownVeteran.Essex Roads CC+2:29
68Martin GravesVet 50+.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+2:58
745Philip CooperVet 60+.Unattached+3:05
817Nicholas WebberVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+3:34
959Craig GouldVeteran.Ipswich BC+3:36
1077David TriggsVeteran.Colchester Rovers+4:37
1179Paul DriverVeteran.Ipswich BC+4:52
1272Antony BensleyVeteran.Unattached+4:53
1364Mark WyerVeteran.CC Ashwell+5:03
14102Vincent FriedlanderVeteran.CC Ashwell+5:04
1576Nick McAuliffeVeteran.Shaftesbury CC+5:05
16100Kevin RoltVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+5:30
1768Simon HurrellVeteran.Maldon & District+5:35
1890Dean SparrowVeteran.Unattached+5:49
1967Lee RowlingVeteran.Chelmer CC+5:59
2096Mike BowenVeteran.West Suffolk Whls+6:07
2174Andy HillVeteran.Unattached+6:08
2252Graham HartVeteran.Essex Roads CC+6:30
2354Roger HolmesVeteran.53-12 Multisports+6:30
2410Stephen DunnettVet 50+.Diss & District CC+6:38
2563Dominic CastleVeteran.Ipswich BC+6:57
2619Duncan CheneryVet 50+.Unattached+7:04
2727Peter HallVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+7:27
2882Chris RidleyVeteran.Maldon & District+7:39
299Richard JacksonVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+7:39
3020Tony SheppardVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+8:08
3171Paul SparksVeteran.PCA Ciclos Uno+8:38
3251Phil KeenVeteran.CC Ashwell+1 lap +0:03
3361Jon PerianVeteran.CC Breckland+1 lap +0:05
3422Tony MadgwickVet 50+.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:08
3555Glen BorehamVeteran.Velo Schils Interbike+1 lap +0:09
3643Clive SparkesVet 60+.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:29
3749Barry DennyVet 60+.West Suffolk Whls+1 lap +0:31
38105Barry LamminVeteranEssex Roads+1 lap +0:41
39122Joolz HalpinWomen/Vet.Maldon & District+1 lap +0:43
4070Andy KennedyVeteran.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:53
4165Jim ClaytonVeteran.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +1:32
4214Raymond RicksVet 50+.Velo Schils Interbike+1 lap +1:34
43137Emma JohnsonWomenElmy Cycles+1 lap +1:38
4425Stephen NicholsVet 50+.Unattached+1 lap +1:42
4584Darren MyersVeteran.Crest CC+1 lap +1:55
4692Mark GibbsVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+1 lap +1:56
4726Chris JillingsVet 50+.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:01
48121Camilla BoytonWomen.Dulwich Paragon+1 lap +2:08
4944Stuart HocknellVet 60+.St Ives CC+1 lap +2:39
5031Danilo SimbarlVet 50+Unattached+1 lap +2:50
5186Kevin LookerVeteran.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +3:49
52131Keely BuntonWomen.Maldon & District+1 lap +4:21
53132Rebbecca HammondWomen.Maldon & District+1 lap +4:31
5483Christopher DouglasVeteran.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +4:33
55136Sara FlattWomenThetford Mtb+1 lap +4:57
5629Soren SjolinVet 50+.West Suffolk Whls+1 lap +6:07
5732Bob GriffithsVet 50+LVYCC+1 lap +6:58
5833G DaviesVet 50+Unattached+1 lap +8:23
59106Andrew HardcastleVeteranUnattached+1 lap +8:27
60128Stephanie WyerWomen/Vet.CC Ashwell+1 lap +8:29
615Peter PartnerVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +9:11
62125Anna FraserWomen/Vet.City Cycle Centre+2 laps +4:14
6340Fergus MuirVet 60+TA EAST+2 laps +4:31
64135Diane MantleWomen.Mildenhall CC+2 laps +9:18
65123Annette SmithWomen/Vet.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +11:09
-30Paul SextonVet 50+Colchester RoversDNF
-95Nigel HamptonVeteran.Glendene CCDNF
-133Rachel ClarkeWomen/Vet.Ipswich BC-

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women/Vet        Under 12

11Alan TroloveYouth.West Suffolk Whls5 laps in 31:57
22Sean DunleaYouth.PCA Ciclos Uno+0:36
339Joseph FryYth/U14Welwyn Whls CC+2:27
48Alwyn NewsteadYouth.Ipswich BC+3:26
56Imogen BuickYth/Girl.Thetford MTB+3:41
64Matthew MadgwickYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+3:53
73Archie WishartYth/U14.Welwyn Whls CC+4:13
831Jonathan SjolinYouth.West Suffolk Whls+5:43
917Matt ClementsYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+6:00
105James MadgwickYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+6:26
1132James TapleyYth/U14.Cambridge Triathlon Club+6:54
1225Lorna RobinsonYth/U14/Girl.Ipswich BC+7:17
1314Mitchell PowellYth/U14.Chelmer CC+7:59
147Phoebe Aubugeau-WilliamsYth/Girl.Ipswich BC+8:11
1513Sherilyn PowellYth/Girl.Chelmer CC+8:47
169Jack HardwickeYth/U14.Plomesgate CC+9:40
1734Daniel MaynardYth/U14.Welwyn Whls CC+1 lap +0:03
1821Frank LongstaffYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:24
1911Adam GoughYouth.Mildenhall CC+1 lap +0:43
2020James JacksonYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +1:48
2138William HughesYth/U14Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:06
2222Francesca Morgans-SladerYth/Girl.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +2:33
2337Harry ChavnerYouthLee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +4:16
2410Lucy HarperYth/U14/Girl.Maldon & District+1 lap +5:04
2536Adam LookerYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +6:34
2633Lewis HardcastleYth/U14.City of Norwich+1 lap +9:37
-26Catlin DouglasYth/U14/Girl.Colchester RoversDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women/Vet        Youth

13Zak ColemanU12.Gt Yarmouth CC5 laps in 14:47
24Pierce BaconU12.Ipswich BC+0:01
32Matthew BakerU12.City of Norwich+0:17
412Aaron FreemanU10.Chelmer CC+1:13
55Tomas GouldU12.Ipswich BC+1:15
61Sophie HolmesU12.Diss & District CC+1:24
717Bob LongstaffU12.Colchester Rovers+1:31
829Colin MantleU10.Mildenhall CC+1:47
921James WarrenU12.Colchester Rovers+1:50
106Samuel RowlingU12.Chelmer CC+1:51
1116Finlay ClaytonU12.Colchester Rovers+2:01
127Rowan BakerU10.City of Norwich+2:26
1335William DaviesU10Unattached+1 lap +0:01
1431Zach BridgelandU10.Unattached+1 lap +0:11
1537Jack ShellitoU12Essex Roads CC+1 lap +0:13
1619Oliver VobeU12.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:16
1713Fergus CrouchU10.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:33
1818Sam BoothU12.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:39
1934Alexandra SophinU12West Suffolk Wheelers+1 lap +0:43
2032Lexie WhiteU12.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:53
2140Louie BellU12Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:56
228Daniel HallU8.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:59
2339Alfie KelwayU8Unattached+1 lap +2:30
2436Tom DaviesU8Unattached+1 lap +2:58
2522Cameron DouglasU10.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +3:11
2638Rory SmithU12Colchester Rovers+1 lap +5:24
2714Connor GouldU8.Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:09
2820Hannah RowlingU8.Chelmer CC+2 laps +3:07
2941Bobby BabbsU8Chelmer CC+2 laps +4:34

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