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Date: Saturday, 4 February 2012

Category: C

Promoter: West Suffolk Wheelers and Triathlon Club

Contact: Barry Denny    01284 386409    barrydenny@btinternet.com

Location: King Edward VI School, Spring Lane Entrance, Bury St.Edmunds, IP33 3BH.


Overall Team Result

Position Team Points
1Colchester Rovers141
2CC Ashwell141
3Chelmer CC136
4Lee Valley Youth CC135
5Ipswich BC133
6West Suffolk Whls129
7Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club123
8Norwich ABC113
9Mildenhall CC113
10PCA Ciclos Uno112
11Bedfordshire Road Club93
12North Road CC90

Senior/Junior/Elite Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Women        Vet        Youth        Under 12

Position Team Points
1Ipswich BC133
2Colchester Rovers132
3West Suffolk Whls120
4Norwich ABC113


15Hayden WoodSenior.Unattached12 laps in 57:19
21Andrew NicholsSenior.PCA Ciclos Uno+2:51
3151James JobberJunior.Colchester Rovers+4:08
442Graham CollinsSeniorIpswich BC+4:20
577Philip PeacockE/Vet.St Ives CC+4:32
613Antony BirtSenior.Ipswich BC+4:37
776Dave CoplandE/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:07
879Ivan BurchE/Vet.PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +0:13
999Bruce MackieE/VetLUYCC+1 lap +0:18
1088Greg AndrewsE/Vet.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:44
1184Patrick StokesE/Vet.Unattached+1 lap +1:38
1216Mark LongstaffSenior.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +2:30
13100Bruce RobinsonE/VetShaftesbury CC+1 lap +3:06
1443Barney HorneSeniorNorwich ABC+1 lap +3:09
15157Alan TroloveJunior.West Suffolk Whls+1 lap +3:37
1692Paul DriverE/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:13
1794Craig GouldE/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:14
1895David WestE/Vet.Amis Velo RT+1 lap +5:44
1948Chris RidleySeniorMaldon & District+2 laps +0:38
2037Richard StiffSenior.West Suffolk Whls+2 laps +0:51
21156Adam TapleyJunior.Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +2:12
2293Matthew MantleE/Vet.Mildenhall CC+2 laps +2:37
2390Colin NewsteadE/Vet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +2:47
2444Peter CornwellSeniorNorwich ABC+2 laps +5:02
2545Martyn TaylorSeniorNorwich ABC+2 laps +6:01
2638Matthew EaglenSenior.West Suffolk Whls+3 laps +0:59
2747Neil ShaveSeniorNorwich ABC+3 laps +3:20
28163Sam JonesJuniorLee Valley Youth CC+4 laps +6:00
-46David MooreSeniorNorwich ABCDNF
-152Patrick CookJunior.Ipswich BCDNF
-159Noah SmithJunior.Lee Valley Youth CCDNF

Women/Veteran Team Result

Position Team Points
1Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club123
2Ipswich BC122
3CC Ashwell103
4West Suffolk Whls94
5Bedfordshire Road Club93
6North Road CC90
7Lee Valley Youth CC61
8Colchester Rovers60

Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Vet        Youth        Under 12

The women raced concurrently with the veterans but started a short time afterwards. The womens result may contain negative times, which can happen if a woman is lapped by the leading veteran but not by the leading woman. Also, the time of the first lap includes the start delay.

1129Sherilyn PowellWomen/Jun.Chelmer CC6 laps in 37:44
2146Jackie FieldWomen/Vet.CC Ashwell+4:36
3150Sarah WellsWomenNewmarket Cycling &Tri Club+1 lap -0:40
4125Anna FraserWomen/Vet.City Cycle Centre+1 lap -0:24
5124Stephanie WyerWomen/Vet.CC Ashwell+1 lap +3:26
6179Angie HandyWomen/Vet.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+1 lap +4:33
7180Karen PayneWomen/Vet.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+1 lap +6:44
8135Diane MantleWomen.Mildenhall CC+1 lap +7:48
9134Rachel ClarkeWomen/Vet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:16
10172Jane De BoltzWomen/Vet.Ipswich BC+2 laps +1:53
11183Kate AmbroseWomen/Vet.Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +6:07

Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Youth        Under 12

14Phil BuickVet 50+.Iceni Velo7 laps in 36:27
271Tim BrownVeteran.North Road CC+1:02
353Mike BowenVeteran.West Suffolk Whls+1:52
468Paul RipponVeteran.Ipswich BC+1:56
51Tim ButlerVet 50+.Ipswich BC+2:11
630Bob PisolkarVet 50+.Finsbury Park+2:17
716John TerrellVet 50+.Ipswich BC+2:26
885Richard MuchmoreVeteran.West Suffolk Whls+2:30
97Colin CracknellVet 50+.Ipswich BC+3:48
1040Philip CooperVet 60+.Unattached+3:49
11101Steve De BoltzVeteran.Ipswich BC+3:51
1262Mark GibbsVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+4:13
1367Andy HillVeteran.Unattached+4:21
14175Rowland WallbankVeteranBedfordshire Road Club+4:23
15177Mark AnsteeVeteran.Bedfordshire Road Club+4:38
16176Steve JamesVeteranBedfordshire Road Club+5:07
1797Dominic CastleVeteran.Ipswich BC+5:08
185Martin GravesVet 50+.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+5:14
1959Alan FrenchVeteran.Interbike RT+5:35
2063Jim ClaytonVeteran.Colchester Rovers+5:58
21178Leith CouperVeteranBedfordshire Road Club+6:18
2273John McDowellVeteran.North Road CC+1 lap +0:04
2390Michael SheridanVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+1 lap +0:06
2476Andy KennedyVeteran.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:12
2577Paul SparksVeteran.PCA Ciclos Uno+1 lap +0:12
2666Kevin RoltVeteran.Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+1 lap +0:22
27104David KeilyVeteran.North Road CC+1 lap +0:23
2817Richard JacksonVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:31
2922Tony MadgwickVet 50+.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +0:33
3087Kevin LookerVeteran.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:56
31185Timothy SkeldingVeteranCC Ashwell+1 lap +1:12
32116Kevin GodberVeteran.Ipswich BC+1 lap +1:18
3372Darren MyersVeteran.Crest CC+1 lap +1:40
34112Paul BarryVeteran.West Suffolk Whls+1 lap +1:45
3574Adrian GrimwoodVeteran.West Suffolk Whls+1 lap +1:49
3635Steve JamesVet 50+.North Road CC+1 lap +1:51
3778Steve JensonVeteran.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +2:08
38120Joseph WarrenVeteranColchester Rovers+1 lap +2:18
3970Daniel DoncasterVeteran.CC Ashwell+1 lap +3:00
40171Stephen DaviesVeteranCC Ashwell+1 lap +3:06
41117Stuart FieldVeteranCC Ashwell+1 lap +3:08
4255Glen BorehamVeteran.Velo Schils Interbike+1 lap +4:28
4344Clive TrickerVet 60+.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:30
4425Peter PartnerVet 50+.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +4:57
45118Mark FraserVeteranCity Cycle Centre+1 lap +5:39
46174Lee DickinsonVeteranNewmarket Cycling &Tri Club+2 laps +0:36
47184Bob GriffithsVet 50+Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +0:54
48182Colin ParishVet 50+.Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +4:23
4938Tom LowtherVet 50+Newmarket Cycling &Tri Club+2 laps +7:00
50173Graham DennyVeteranWest Suffolk Whls+2 laps +8:11
-119Anthony DeemingVeteranCity Cycle CentreDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Vet        Under 12

Position Team Points
1Lee Valley Youth CC130
2CC Ashwell126
3Colchester Rovers103
4Ipswich BC98


122Cameron WoolseyYouth.CC Ashwell6 laps in 30:31
23James TapleyYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+0:42
313Theo DoncasterYouth.CC Ashwell+1:11
4176Georg JensenYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+2:46
521James MadgwickYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+2:50
6172Callum MackieYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+3:49
7171Mitchell PowellYth/U14.Chelmer CC+4:02
84Matt ClementsYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+4:05
910William HughesYouth.Ipswich BC+4:18
10175Frank LongstaffYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+4:56
11182James Ambrose-ParishYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+5:45
12178James JacksonYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+5:46
13181Adam LookerYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +0:09
1430Bryn DaviesYouth.CC Ashwell+1 lap +0:55
1517Alwyn NewsteadYouth.Ipswich BC+1 lap +1:17
16196Antonio CappassoYth/U14Ipswich BC+1 lap +1:27
179Francesca Morgans-SladerYth/Girl.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +1:39
18173Finley ClaytonYth/U14.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +2:21
19184William WarreYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +3:13
20183Tomas GouldYth/U14.Ipswich BC+1 lap +3:59
2125Harry ChavnerYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +4:11
2220Matthew MadgwickYouth.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +5:34
23195Henry SkeldingYth/U14CC Ashwell+1 lap +7:30
2432Adam ShardYouthUnattached+1 lap +7:49
25186Oliver WoolseyYth/U14.CC Ashwell+2 laps +2:45
-194Jack LoutherYth/U14NewmarketDNF

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Vet        Youth

Position Team Points
1Colchester Rovers126
2Ipswich BC111
3CC Ashwell103
4Lee Valley Youth CC101


16Bob LongstaffU12.Colchester Rovers5 laps in 12:49
24Aaron FreemanU10.Chelmer CC+1:03
324Felix MackieU12.Lee Valley Youth CC+1:44
423Harrison BaconU12.Ipswich BC+2:03
538Robert MercerU12.Colchester Rovers+2:12
618Jack ParrishU12.Ipswich BC+2:13
725Colin MantleU10.Mildenhall CC+2:57
814James FraserU10.CC Ashwell+1 lap +0:23
946Noah FieldU12CC Ashwell+1 lap +0:52
1057Josh MuradU12Mildenhall CC+1 lap +1:10
1133Daniel HallU10.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +1:19
1211Lexie WhiteU12.Lee Valley Youth CC+1 lap +1:36
1331Oliver PartnerU10.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +1:43
1448Silas WarrenU12Colchester Rovers+1 lap +1:47
1553Martha Dean-TozerU12Unattached+1 lap +1:56
1654George Dean-TozerU10.Unattached+1 lap +2:05
1752Daniel de BoltzU10.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:47
1847Felix FieldU12CC Ashwell+1 lap +2:47
1926Connor GouldU10.Ipswich BC+1 lap +3:18
2037Cameron DouglasU12.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +3:41
2149Theo WarrenU10.Colchester Rovers+2 laps +0:02
2256Evie MorganU12Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:15
2355William SheldrayU10.CC Ashwell+2 laps +0:29
2412Murdo WhiteU10.Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +0:37
2551Harriet GodberU12Ipswich BC+2 laps +0:41
2650Jack GodberU10.Ipswich BC+2 laps +1:24
2713Eilidh WhiteU8.Lee Valley Youth CC+2 laps +3:26

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