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Date: Sunday, 3 February 2013

Category: B

Promoter: Colchester Rovers CC

Contact: Ken Baker    01206 520707    emmross@ntlworld.com

Location: Furze Hill, Shrublands Road, Mistley, Essex, CO11 1HS. (Off B1352 at Mistley GR 122315)



Overall Team Result

Position Team
1Cochester Rovers
2CC Hacney
3Ipswich BC
4Lee Valley Youth
7Iceni Velo
8West Suffolk Whls
9CC Ashwell
11Fruit 4 London
12Stowmarket CC

Senior/Junior/Elite Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Women        Vet        Youth        Under 12

Position Team
1Eastern Composite
2Hackney GT(A)
3Fruit 4 London
4Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)
5Susannahs Boys
6Hackney GT(C)
7Stowmarket C.C.
8Hackney GT(D)
9Lea Valley Velo
10Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)
151Jason BouttellSenior.Eastern Composite8 laps in 1:00:26
216Matthew WebberSenior.Hackney GT(A)+1:03
310Hayden WoodSenior.Eastern Composite+4:26
413Jack FinchSenior.Fruit 4 London+5:30
512Ross TrickerSenior.Eastern Composite+5:52
619Russell JonesSenior.Hackney GT(A)+8:56
79Tim GuySenior.Eastern Composite+1 lap +0:23
814Jono HamlinSenior.Fruit 4 London+1 lap +0:28
940Dave CoplandSenior.Susannahs Boys+1 lap +0:55
104Tom StephensonSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+1 lap +1:21
1153David BrownSeniorEssex Roads CC+1 lap +1:22
1215Gabor DoroghaziSenior.Fruit 4 London+1 lap +2:44
1318George KangelosSenior.Hackney GT(A)+1 lap +2:47
1442Simon HanceSenior.Susannahs Boys+1 lap +2:49
151Adam GouldSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+1 lap +4:57
1624Konrad ManningSenior.Hackney GT(C)+1 lap +6:29
1737Paul MossSenior.Stowmarket C.C.+1 lap +7:00
1821Phillip MurrellSenior.Hackney GT(B)+1 lap +7:18
1928James StephensSenior.Hackney GT(D)+1 lap +8:04
202Greg AndrewsSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+1 lap +8:22
2125Kevin CarterSenior.Hackney GT(C)+1 lap +8:33
2222Rob MiltonSenior.Hackney GT(B)+1 lap +8:51
2333Chris BallSenior.London Phoenix+1 lap +9:29
2450Tom WattSenior.Unattached+1 lap +9:40
2538Mike FletcherSenior.Stowmarket C.C.+2 laps +0:42
2630James MadgwickSenior.Lea Valley Velo+2 laps +0:53
2746Mark WellsteadSenior.Amis Ciclos Trio Comp.+2 laps +1:14
2823Graham FreerSenior.Hackney GT(C)+2 laps +1:49
2948Lee RowlingSenior.Chelmer CC+2 laps +2:08
303Jim ClaytonSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+2 laps +2:27
3131Matthew MadgwickSenior.Lea Valley Velo+2 laps +4:17
3229Paul FrancisSenior.Hackney GT(D)+2 laps +4:38
3341Paul RipponSenior.Susannahs Boys+2 laps +4:45
348Kevin LookerSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+2 laps +4:55
3526Tom BowkerSenior.Hackney GT(D)+2 laps +7:18
365Anthony BellSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+2 laps +8:05
3739Rob SmithSenior.Stowmarket C.C.+2 laps +10:26
3827Bart WallbankSenior.Hackney GT(D)+2 laps +11:11
3952Peter CooperSenior.Susannahs Boys+3 laps +3:27
4032Harry CharnerSenior.Lea Valley Velo+3 laps +4:54
417Chris SeawardSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+3 laps +5:50
-6Andy HurstSenior.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)DNF
-20Ben WhiteheadSenior.Hackney GT(A)DNF
-34Steven DrewSenior.London Phoenix-

Women/Veteran Team Result

This table is the subject of a dispute and should be considered provisional for now

Position Team
1Team IPA
2Chelmer C.C.
3Iceni Velo
4Dirty Gerties
5CC Ashwell Women
6C.C. Hackney
7Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)
8Butlers Babes
9Newmarket C & T C
10Ipswich Leftovers
11CC Ashwell
12West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club
13Lea Valley Velo
14Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)

Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Vet        Youth        Under 12

The women raced concurrently with the veterans but started a short time afterwards. The womens result may contain negative times, which can happen if a woman is lapped by the leading veteran but not by the leading woman. Also, the time of the first lap includes the start delay.

1189Francesca Morgans-SladerWomen.Chelmer C.C.4 laps in 42:57
2193Emma JohnsonWomen.Iceni Velo+0:38
3187Sherilyn PowellWomen.Chelmer C.C.+1 lap -8:48
4184Jackie FieldWomen.C.C.Ashwell+1 lap -8:47
5190Katie ScotterWomen.Chelmer C.C.+1 lap -8:46
6198Sue McIntyreWomen.Dirty Gerties+1 lap -7:19
7197Donna DaleWomen.Dirty Gerties+1 lap -6:32
8181Joanne NewsteadWomen.Butlers Babes+1 lap -6:31
9196Hannah OrmesherWomen.Dirty Gerties+1 lap -6:01
10195Tiffany HoreWomen.Dirty Gerties+1 lap -5:31
11201Angela Joiner-HandyWomen.Iceni Velo+1 lap -2:57
12192Amy ColeWomen.Iceni Velo+1 lap -2:28
13185Stephanie WyerWomen.C.C.Ashwell+1 lap -1:34
14186Anna FraserWomen.C.C.Ashwell+1 lap -1:00
15188Susie KingWomen.Chelmer C.C.+1 lap -0:07
16182Jane de BoltzWomen.Butlers Babes+1 lap +1:58
17183Rachael ClarkeWomen.Butlers Babes+2 laps -6:18

Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Youth        Under 12

135Ian RobsonVet 45+.Team IPA4 laps in 34:40
237Andy ManningVet 45+.Team IPA+0:39
336Phil BuickVet 45+.Team IPA+0:47
49Terry SmithVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+1:27
510Nick WebberVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+1:36
61Craig DyceVet 45+.C.C. Ashwell+1:46
75Andy O’ ReganVet 45+.C.C. Hackney+2:36
87Phil RaymondVet 45+.C.C. Hackney+3:38
939Mike BowenVet 45+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+4:24
1019John PerriamVet 45+.Iceni Velo+5:30
1131Andy HillVet 45+.Newmarket C & T C+5:33
1217Ian ChattenVet 45+.Iceni Velo+5:55
1330Phil CooperVet 45+.Newmarket C & T C+6:25
1420Steve de BoltzVet 45+.Ipswich Leftovers+6:27
1541John TerrellVet 45+.Ipswich Leftovers+6:44
164Mark WyerVet 45+.C.C. Ashwell+7:19
176Harry MooreVet 45+.C.C. Hackney+7:58
1822Andy KennedyVet 45+.Ipswich Leftovers+8:18
1934Steve JamesVet 45+.North Road C.C.+8:23
2029Mark GibbsVet 45+.Newmarket C & T C+9:00
2144Stuart McCainVet 45+.Colchester Rovers+9:21
2224Tony MadgwickVet 45+.Lea Valley Velo+9:41
2312Dave TriggsVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+10:01
2411Peter HallVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+10:02
2518Leon ColeVet 45+.Iceni Velo+10:03
262Stuart FieldVet 45+.C.C. Ashwell+10:04
2742Peter DouglasVet 45+.Finsbury Park+11:56
2816Richard JacksonVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+1 lap +1:10
2946Matt AskhamVet 45+Newmarket C & T C+1 lap +1:19
3040Paul BarryVet 45+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +2:04
3126Jason WarreVet 45+.Lea Valley Velo+1 lap +2:56
3215Stuart BursillVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+1 lap +3:07
3338Adrian GrimwoodVet 45+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +3:36
3445William TweddelVet 45+.Colchester Rovers+1 lap +3:42
3514Chris DouglasVet 45+.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+1 lap +5:14
3632Dave KielyVet 45+.North Road C.C.+1 lap +5:34
373Andrew RobertsonVet 45+.C.C. Ashwell+1 lap +5:40
3827Bob GriffithsVet 45+.Lea Valley Velo+1 lap +11:20
-21Clive QuantrillVet 45+.Ipswich Leftovers-

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Vet        Under 12

Position Team
1Lea Valley Youth C.C. (A)
2Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)
3Ipswich Tigers
5C.C. Hackney
6Lea Valley Youth (B)
7Chelmer C.C.
8Ipswich Lions
9Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)
11Matt ClementsYouth.Lea V alley Youth C.C. (A)5 laps in 28:50
22George JensenYouth.Lea V alley Youth C.C. (A)+1:06
330William HughesYouth.Ipswich Tigers+1:56
43Callum MackieYouth.Lea V alley Youth C.C. (A)+2:57
58Will RaymondYouth.Welwyn+3:15
614Mitchell PowellYouth.Chelmer C.C.+3:34
718Frank LongstaffYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+3:40
820Adam LookerYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+4:49
921James JacksonYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+5:09
1029Antonio CapassoYouth.Ipswich Tigers+5:44
1111Ned O’ReganYouth.C.C. Hackney+6:03
1237James Ambrose-ParishYouthLea Valley Youth (A)+7:08
1328Pierce BaconYouth.Ipswich Tigers+1 lap +0:18
1410Toby MilesYouth.Welwyn+1 lap +0:22
1519Bob LongstaffYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (A)+1 lap +0:29
165Jake CellisYouth.Lea Valley Youth (B)+1 lap +0:33
174William WarreYouth.Lea Valley Youth (B)+1 lap +0:41
1831Henry PeriamYouth.Iceni Velo+1 lap +1:52
197Micheal ParryYouth.Welwyn+1 lap +2:32
2024Callum McCainYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+1 lap +2:37
2127Adam ColbertYouth.Ipswich Lions+1 lap +3:42
2223Robert SmithYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+1 lap +3:50
2312Frank MooreYouth.C.C. Hackney+1 lap +4:20
2425Troy WingerYouth.Ipswich Lions+1 lap +5:32
2513Louis ByrneYouth.C.C. Hackney+1 lap +6:26
269Tom DurkinYouth.Welwyn+1 lap +6:38
2726Thomas GouldYouth.Ipswich Lions+1 lap +7:22
2817Daniel KingYouth.Chelmer C.C.+1 lap +8:05
2933Lottie DyceYouth.CC Ashwell+1 lap +8:08
3016Tom PettsYouth.Chelmer C.C.+1 lap +8:52
3122Cameron HurstYouth.Colchester Rovers C.C. (B)+1 lap +9:18
3234Noah FieldYouth.CC Ashwell+1 lap +9:38
336Lexie WhiteYouth.Lea Valley Youth (B)+2 laps +0:56
3432Kiera TippettYouth.Essex Roads+2 laps +2:07
3515Sam RowlingYouth.Chelmer C.C.+2 laps +6:41

Under 12        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Vet        Youth

Position Team
1Welwyn Wheelers
2West Suffolk Wheelers
3CC Ashwell
4Colchester Rovers C.C. (2)
5C.C. Hackney
6Iceni Velo
7St Ives / Ashwell Comp.
8Lea Valley Youth C.C.
9Colchester Rovers C.C. (1)
10Ipswich Cheetahs
11Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)
124Josun ColeU12.Iceni Velo5 laps in 15:09
241William DaviesU12.Welwyn Wheelers+0:47
38Aaron FreemanU12.Chelmer C.C.+1:15
442Tom DaviesU12.Welwyn Wheelers+1:37
52Adam LightfootU12.C.C. Ashwell+2:03
647Sam AskerU12.West Suffolk Wheelers+2:06
75Artie O’ ReganU12.C.C. Hackney+2:11
848Fraser ElsworthU12.West Suffolk Wheelers+2:12
91James FraserU12.C.C. Ashwell+2:38
1031Jack ParishU12.Ipswich Leopards+2:54
1116Robert MercerU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (2)+2:54
1243Joe KielyU12.Welwyn Wheelers+2:54
1344Christian ManziU12.Welwyn Wheelers+3:08
1433Felix MackieU12.Lea Valley Youth C.C.+3:37
1518Dan HallU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (2)+3:39
1652Fred GillU12Unattached+4:12
1737Sophie SabertonU12.St Ives / Ashwell Comp.+1 lap +0:05
186Stanley BoydU12.C.C. Hackney+1 lap +0:41
1940Harly PellU12.St Ives / Ashwell Comp.+1 lap +1:10
2045Matthew WhitwellU12.West Suffolk Wheelers+1 lap +1:11
214Helena DyceU12.C.C. Ashwell+1 lap +1:16
2226Harry WilliamsonU12.Iceni Velo+1 lap +1:18
2317Ollie PartnerU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (2)+1 lap +1:19
2428Jeremy HughesU12.Ipswich Cheetahs+1 lap +1:26
2514Dexter Mansell-ThomasU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (1)+1 lap +2:02
267Harry GregoryU12.C.C. Hackney+1 lap +2:04
2738Sam HardingU12.St Ives / Ashwell Comp.+1 lap +2:10
2810Chester TribleyU12.Chelmer C.C.+1 lap +2:24
2915Oliver WellsteadU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (1)+1 lap +2:31
3046Oliver GriggsU12.West Suffolk Wheelers+1 lap +2:37
3135Molly DrewU12.Lea Valley Youth C.C.+1 lap +2:49
3250Thomas WhiteU12Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)+1 lap +2:55
3332Daniel de BoltzU12.Ipswich Leopards+1 lap +3:01
3449Oliver WrightU10.Ipswich Cheetahs+1 lap +3:12
3525Edward ColeU12.Iceni Velo+1 lap +3:22
3612Zoe SwainstonU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (1)+1 lap +3:24
3736Eden HamiltonU12.Lea Valley Youth C.C.+1 lap +3:31
3839Mark LightfootU12.St Ives / Ashwell Comp.+1 lap +3:40
3919Fergus CrouchU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (2)+1 lap +3:41
4022Jack LetchU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)+1 lap +3:45
4121Aedden SeawardU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)+1 lap +3:46
4213Jack EmersonU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (1)+1 lap +4:05
4334Murdo WhiteU12.Lea Valley Youth C.C.+1 lap +4:08
443Felix FieldU12.C.C. Ashwell+1 lap +4:15
4527Connor GouldU12.Ipswich Cheetahs+2 laps +0:13
4620Tom JasinskiU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)+2 laps +0:44
4723Max RethmanU12.Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)+2 laps +1:38
4811Alex KingU12.Chelmer C.C.+2 laps +1:59
4929Gabriella StrandlingU12.Ipswich Cheetahs+2 laps +3:53
5051Joshua WhiteU10.Colchester Rovers C.C. (3)+2 laps +4:17
519Hannah RowlingU12.Chelmer C.C.+2 laps +4:50
5253George GillU10.Unattached+2 laps +6:28

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