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Date: Sunday, 20 October 2013

Category: B

Promoter: Ford CC

Contact: Geoff Bores    01277 652220    geoff@gbores.plus.com

Location: Davy Down Country Park, Back Lane, North Stifford, Essex, RM16 5UL. (Pilgrims Lane B186 turning off A1306)



Senior/Junior/Elite Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Women        Vet        Youth        Under 12

14Ross TrickerSenior.XRT - Elmy Cycles10 laps in 1:00:58
244Dan StevensSenior.neon-velo+1:06
333Matthew WebberSenior.Hackney GT+1:13
427Jules BirksSenior.VC Londres+1:55
520Benjamin LewisSenior.Hackney GT+2:09
696Kevin KnoxE/Vet.ViCiOUS VELO+3:04
7162Stephen MahonE/Vet 45+.East London Vélo+4:27
832Andrew SnowballSenior.VC Londres+4:44
993Simon HanceE/Vet.Ipswich BC+4:50
1041George KangelosSenior.Hackney GT+5:47
11176Matthew ClementsJunior.Unattached+5:56
1249Paul SheersSenior.ViCiOUS VELO+6:16
13189James FluryJuniorVicious Velo+6:21
14173James MadgwickJunior.Lee Valley Velo+7:04
15154Philip PeacockE/Vet 45+.St Ives CC+1 lap +0:05
16136James StephensE/VetHackney GT+1 lap +0:07
17126Philip MurrellE/Vet.Hackney GT / Push Cycles+1 lap +0:09
1823David WarwickSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +0:15
1924Ben WhiteheadSenior.Hackney GT+1 lap +0:51
20165John McandrewE/Vet 45+.Ely & District CC+1 lap +1:09
2169Damian RobertsonSeniorLondon Phoenix CC+1 lap +1:16
2292Steven DrewE/Vet.London Phoenix CC+1 lap +1:29
2355Adam KeerSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +1:42
2458Adam TapleySenior.Cambridge Triathlon Club+1 lap +1:50
2584Gregory AndrewsE/Vet.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +1:57
26161Bruce MackieE/Vet 45+.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +2:17
27160Paul RipponE/Vet 45+.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:23
28185Archie WishartJunior.Welwyn Whls CC+1 lap +2:26
29119Christopher BulleyE/Vet.Ciclos Uno+1 lap +3:09
30109Stuart ClarkE/Vet.Maldon & District CC+1 lap +3:13
3199Alex PeekeE/Vet.Welwyn Whls CC+1 lap +3:39
32127Neil StevensE/Vet.Pedal revolution n.c.a+1 lap +3:50
33118Christopher RidleyE/Vet.Maldon & District CC+1 lap +3:52
34187James TapleyJunior.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +3:54
3595Andy HurstE/Vet.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +4:02
3645Stephen ClarkSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:04
3726Paul BirdSenior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:05
38182William HughesJunior.Ipswich BC+1 lap +4:14
39107Nick WhiteE/Vet.East London Vélo+1 lap +4:23
40157Kevin DarraghE/Vet 45+.Maldon & District CC+1 lap +4:31
4188Jamie BishopE/Vet.East London Vélo+1 lap +4:47
42123Russell DoreE/Vet.Gateway Cycling+1 lap +5:03
43188Tom SteadJunior.St Neots Cycle Club+1 lap +5:17
44183Matthew MadgwickJunior.Lee Valley Velo+1 lap +5:19
45106Joseph WarrenE/Vet.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +5:36
4651Andrew WhelanSenior.XRT - Elmy Cycles+1 lap +5:50
47114Keith StockwellE/Vet.Private Member+1 lap +6:40
4897Darren MyersE/Vet.Bishops Stortford CC+1 lap +6:42
4963Matthew WilliamsSenior.East London Vélo+2 laps +0:18
50103Alex StepneyE/Vet.Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club+2 laps +0:21
5122Andrew NewmanSenior.London Phoenix CC+2 laps +1:22
5230Richard MclellanSenior.North Road CC+2 laps +1:25
53166Stuart MccainE/Vet 45+.Colchester Rovers CC+2 laps +1:46
54128Tim ChandlerE/Vet.Welwyn Whls CC+2 laps +2:04
55164Christopher YorkE/Vet 45+.Maldon & District CC+2 laps +2:39
5671Tom BowkerSeniorYackney GT+2 laps +3:30
5791Matthew DennyE/Vet.west suffolk wheelers+2 laps +4:08
58177Lewis HarcastleJunior.Gt Yarmouth Cycling Club+2 laps +4:10
59180Henry PeriamJunior.Private Member+2 laps +4:12
60155Daniel DoncasterE/Vet 45+.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+2 laps +4:39
6186James AskerE/Vet.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+2 laps +4:46
62169Richard HallE/Vet 45+.Private Member+2 laps +5:00
63125Craig HamiltonE/Vet.Private Member+2 laps +5:42
64122Shelton PellE/Vet.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+2 laps +8:09
65170Peter DouglasE/Vet 45+Finsbury Park+2 laps +8:56
66174Harry ChavnerJunior.Lee Valley Velo+3 laps +0:27
67186Calum MccainJunior.Colchester Rovers CC+3 laps +3:07
-16Matthew CreesSenior.North Road CC-
-17Chris HerringSenior.East London Vélo-
-21Robert MiltonSenior.hackney GT / push cyclesDNF
-52Kevin BallSenior.Dulwich Paragon CCDNF
-68Krisztian BorbelySeniorCycle LabDNF
-70Duncan RimmerSeniorMorden CRCDNF
-102Greg SimcockE/Vet.Team Corley CyclesDNF
-134Darren BarclayE/Vet.Arctic Sram RTDNF
-168David StaffE/Vet 45+.Team VeloVelocity.co.uk/Risbygate SolicitorsDNF
-178Nicholas BrownJunior.Welwyn Whls CCDNF

Women        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Vet        Youth        Under 12

The women raced concurrently with the veterans but started a short time afterwards. The womens result may contain negative times, which can happen if a woman is lapped by the leading veteran but not by the leading woman. Also, the time of the first lap includes the start delay.

1190Francesca Morgans-sladerWomen/Jun.Lee Valley Velo5 laps in 39:45
2186Sherilyn PowellWomen.Chelmer CC+0:24
3215Jayne WilliamsWomen/Vet.Stowmarket & District CC+1 lap -7:06
4216Jackie FieldWomen/Vet.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1 lap -7:01
5226Elaine TribleyWomen/Vet.Chelmer CC+1 lap -4:23
6184Caroline GuestWomen.Ford Cycling Club+1 lap -4:00
7222Jane De boltzWomen/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap -2:05
8188Rebecca HammondWomen.Maldon & District CC+1 lap -0:03
9221Rachel ClarkeWomen/Vet.Amisvelo Racing Team+3 laps -6:40

Veteran        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Youth        Under 12

114Dave CoplandVet 50+.Ipswich BC5 laps in 33:31
220Andrew HillVet 50+.Private+0:15
383Terry SmithVet 45+.Colchester Rovers CC+0:17
43Andrew O'reganVet 50+.CycleLab+0:21
510Stuart LockyearVet 50+.London Phoenix CC+0:30
6151Russ JonesVet 45+Hackney GT+0:37
7149Terry MinterVet 45+Trader Van+0:58
8147Craig DyceVet 45+CC Ashwell+1:08
9148Kurt MinterVet 45+Trader Van+1:17
10115Paul DriverVet 45+.Amisvelo Racing Team+1:25
11113David WestVet 45+.Amis Velo RT+1:28
127Tony WilkinsVet 50+.Wolsey RC+1:38
1381Michael BowenVet 45+.West Suffolk Wheelers+1:41
1433Steve WoodsVet 50+.Cambridge CC+1:45
1587Stephen De boltzVet 45+.Ipswich BC+1:48
16104John McdowallVet 45+.North Road CC+1:52
1740John TerrellVet 50+.Ipswich BC+1:54
1884Clive QuantrillVet 45+.Ipswich BC+1:54
19109Mark SimmondsVet 45+.Private Member+1:57
2055Simon HimeVet 50+.Finchley Racing Team+2:27
21161Philip CooperVet 60+.Private member+2:47
225Robert PisolkarVet 50+.Finsbury Park CC+2:59
23133Kevin LookerVet 45+.Colchester rovers+3:19
24142Mark WellstedVet 45+.AmisVelo RT+3:22
2521Steve JamesVet 50+.North Road CC+3:24
2619Peter HallVet 50+.Colchester Rovers CC+3:29
2788Ian ChattenVet 45+.Iceni Velo+3:31
2838Bob FlackVet 50+.Ford Cycling Club+3:41
2959Paul GibbsVet 50+.Pearson Cycling Club+4:03
30101Graham HartVet 45+.Essex Roads CC+4:10
31126Stuart FieldVet 45+.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+4:13
32129Jonathan PeriamVet 45+.ICENI VELO+4:19
33128Chris Murphy-brookmanVet 45+.Welwyn Whls CC+5:16
3437Stephen DunnettVet 50+.Diss & District CC+5:17
3529Robert SmithVet 50+.Stowmarket & District CC+5:40
3696Timothy DuckettVet 45+.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+5:45
37150Paul BuckleyVet 45+Wigmore+5:57
3824Harry MooreVet 50+.Cycling Club Hackney+6:11
39134Laurence BellamyVet 45+.Shaftesbury Cycling Club+6:17
40119Neil IronsVet 45+.Cycling Club Hackney+6:48
41167Richard JacksonVet 60+.Colchester Rovers CC+6:59
4232Jonathan TaylorVet 50+.Velo Schils - Interbike RT+7:01
4328Peter PartnerVet 50+.Colchester Rovers CC+7:03
44100Adrian GrimwoodVet 45+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+7:12
45190Francesca Morgans-sladerWomen/Jun.Lee Valley Velo+7:14
4623Anthony MadgwickVet 50+.Lee Valley Velo+7:20
47186Sherilyn PowellWomen.Chelmer CC+7:38
48162Clive SparkesVet 60+.Ipswich BC+7:40
4943Jason WarreVet 50+.Lee Valley Velo+7:42
50164Barry DennyVet 60+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+7:55
5118David HalesVet 50+.VC Revolution+7:57
5239Stephen SimmondsVet 50+.Hadleigh MTB Club+7:59
5312Lawrence BrenchleyVet 50+.North Road Cycling Club+8:44
54215Jayne WilliamsWomen/Vet.Stowmarket & District CC+1 lap +0:08
55216Jackie FieldWomen/Vet.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1 lap +0:13
56144Peter DanielsVet 45+.Private Member+1 lap +0:29
5711Darren BakerVet 50+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +0:54
5856Alan TriggsVet 50+.Ashwell CC+1 lap +1:01
5935Kevin BuntonVet 50+.Maldon & District CC+1 lap +1:42
60103Malcolm MarchantVet 45+.Ipswich Bicycle Club+1 lap +1:49
6125Stephen NicholsVet 50+.Private Member+1 lap +1:50
6262Jeff WoodsVet 50++1 lap +2:01
63145John ScofieldVet 45+.Chelmsford Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +2:08
64121Ian Mansel-thomasVet 45+.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +2:17
6542Graham BrookmanVet 50+.Ipswich BC+1 lap +2:29
66226Elaine TribleyWomen/Vet.Chelmer CC+1 lap +2:51
67132Richard LawrenceVet 45+.Private Member+1 lap +2:58
68184Caroline GuestWomen.Ford Cycling Club+1 lap +3:14
69169Philip WilliamsVet 60+.Private Member+1 lap +3:36
7046Martin GillVet 50+.Chelmer CC+1 lap +4:43
7199David GriggsVet 45+.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +4:48
72222Jane De boltzWomen/Vet.Ipswich BC+1 lap +5:09
73188Rebecca HammondWomen.Maldon & District CC+1 lap +7:11
74221Rachel ClarkeWomen/Vet.Amisvelo Racing Team+3 laps +0:34
-50David CarrVet 50+.Cycling Club HackneyDNF
-93Gary BoydVet 45+.Cycling Club HackneyDNF
-102Andrew KennedyVet 45+.Ipswich BCDNF
-112Hugh VivianVet 45+.Lee Valley VeloDNF
-130Chris ClagueVet 45+.London Phoenix CCDNF
-136James StephensVet 45+.Hackney GT-
-163Clive TrickerVet 60+.Ipswich Bicycle ClubDNF

Youth        Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Vet        Under 12

121Callum MackieYouth.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club5 laps in 27:04
28Glenn DossettYouth.Welwyn Whls CC+0:03
313Mitchell PowellYouth.Team Terminator+0:39
4127William RaymondYth/U14.Welwyn Whls CC+1:05
57Cai DaviesYouth.Welwyn Whls CC+1:08
620Adam LookerYouth.Colchester Rovers CC+1:16
717Lewis BulleyYouth.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1:21
823Jake CallisYouth.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1:22
93Finn BarnesYouth.Cambridge Triathlon Club+1:52
1010Toby MilesYouth.Welwyn Whls CC+2:04
11133Thomas DurkinYth/U14.Welwyn Whls CC+2:08
1227Mostyn Taylor crockettYouth.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+2:09
1311Ned O'reganYouth.Cycling Club Hackney+2:14
1412Michael ParryYouth.Welwyn Whls CC+2:18
159James JacksonYouth.Colchester Rovers CC+2:21
165Antonio CapassoYouth.Ipswich BC+2:48
17101Pierce BaconYth/U14.Ipswich CSC+3:10
18111Frank MooreYth/U14.Cycling Club Hackney+3:39
19100Samuel AskerYth/U14.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+3:53
2016William WarreYouth.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+4:02
21144Sophia ChastellYth/Girl.Welwyn Whls CC+4:21
22107Gareth LewisYth/U14.Cycle Club Ashwell+4:48
23142Kathryn AndersonYth/Girl.Welwyn Whls CC+4:57
24122Callum BulleyYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+4:59
25118Noah FieldYth/U14.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+5:02
2664Josie GriffinYth/U14/Girl.Welwyn Whls CC+5:13
27109Tom MartinYth/U14.Herne Hill Youth CC+5:20
286Jake DarraghYouth.Maldon & District CC+5:29
29108Christian ManziYth/U14.Welwyn Whls CC+5:42
3025Kieran JarvisYouth.Norfolk cycling academy+5:52
31102Logan De monchaux-ironsYth/U14.Cycling Club Hackney+6:03
32130Frank RamsayYth/U14.Cycling Club Hackney+6:11
3330Alex RobertonYouthLee Valley Youth Cycling Club+6:21
34125Fred GillYth/U14.Chelmer CC+6:23
351Matthew AskerYouth.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +0:11
3629Matthew SheperdYouthLee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +0:20
37143Hannah BatesYth/Girl.Welwyn Whls CC+1 lap +0:34
38126Felix MackieYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +1:03
39110Robert MercerYth/U14.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +1:10
40141Emily SinclairYth/Girl.Welwyn Whls CC+1 lap +1:19
41104Fraser ElsworthYth/U14.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +1:37
42117Owen WilliamsYth/U14.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +1:58
4359Molly LloydYth/U14/Girl.Cycling Club Hackney+1 lap +2:00
44114Jack ParrishYth/U14.Ipswich Bicycle Club+1 lap +2:03
4556Sophie SabertonYth/U14/Girl.St Ives CC+1 lap +2:11
4652Molly DrewYth/U14/Girl.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +2:29
47115Chester TribleyYth/U14.Chelmer CC+1 lap +2:31
4858Cecilia HimeYth/U14/Girl.St Ives CC+1 lap +3:02
4926Cameron HallYouth.Private Member+1 lap +4:19
50116Silas WarrenYth/U14.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +6:18
-60Millie GageYth/U14/Girl.Welwyn Whls CCDNF
-63Samantha HardingYth/U14/Girl.Private MemberDNF
-105Cameron HurstYth/U14.Colchester Rovers CCDNF
-106Daniel KingYth/U14.Chelmer CCDNF
-140Lottie DyceYth/Girl.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)DNF

Under 12        U12 Lap-o-meter        U10 Lap-o-meter        League table        Sen/Jun/Elite Vet        Women        Vet        Youth

110Aaron FreemanU12.Chelmer CC6 laps in 13:45
224Oliver StockwellU12.Welwyn Whls CC+0:18
317Adam LightfootU12.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+0:19
43William DaviesU12.Welwyn Whls CC+0:30
52Thomas DaviesU12.Welwyn Whls CC+0:56
613Daniel HallU12.Colchester Rovers CC+1:02
720Oliver PartnerU12.Colchester Rovers CC+1:15
833Harrison PowellU12.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1:25
939Imogen ChastellU12.Welwyn Whls CC+1:26
1037Sammy GageU12.Welwyn Whls CC+1:28
11135Leon WheelerU12East Essex Tri Club+1:28
129James FraserU12.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1:30
1318Dexter Mansel-thomasU12.Colchester Rovers CC+1:30
1421Harley PellU12.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1:35
154Daniel De boltzU12.Ipswich BC+1:38
1612Harry GregoryU12.Cycling Club Hackney+1:54
177Helena DyceU12.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+2:02
1838Thomas WhiteU12.Colchester Rovers CC+2:18
1934Jenna MilesU12.Welwyn Whls CC+2:31
20134Freddie CookeU12CC Ashwell+2:49
21131Harrison ScofieldU12Chelmsford Youth+3:37
22129Sam DanielsU12+1 lap +0:28
2314Eden HamiltonU12.Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club+1 lap +0:33
24133James MarslandU12+1 lap +0:43
2527Matthew WhitwellU12.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +1:00
26130Harvey ScofieldU12Chelmsford Youth+1 lap +1:11
278Felix FieldU12.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1 lap +1:13
2826Theo WarrenU12.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +1:21
2916Alexander KingU12.Chelmer CC+1 lap +1:23
3031George GillU12.Chelmer CC+1 lap +2:39
316Alfie DuckettU12.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1 lap +3:14
32132Lianna DennyU12West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+2 laps +0:10


150Caelan MillerU10.East London Vélo4 laps in 10:20
279Lucas BarclayU10.Arctic Sram RT+0:39
352Mark LightfootU10.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+0:41
443Stanley BoydU10.Cycling Club Hackney+0:42
547Jack EmersonU10.Colchester Rovers CC+1:09
669Jeremy HughesU10.Ipswich BC+1:22
745Jake CarterU10.Lea ValleyYouth Cycling Club+1:25
882max rethmenU10+1:29
967Oliver WellstedU10.Colchester Rovers CC+1:53
1063Harley GregoryU8.West Suffolk wheelers+1:54
1149Oliver GriggsU10.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1:55
1251Charlie KnowlerU10.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+2:00
1341Victoria AskerU10.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+3:06
1456Jodie TaylorU10.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +0:05
1581Evie StepneyU10.Private Member+1 lap +0:51
1672Joshua WhiteU10.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +1:08
1760Isabella Djuve-woodU8.Colchester Rovers CC+1 lap +1:21
1844Archie BracewellU10.Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)+1 lap +1:51
1957Grace WhitwellU10.West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club+1 lap +1:58
2076Molly GregoryU8.Cycling Club Hackney+1 lap +2:07
2177Kai BarclayU8.Arctic Sram RT+1 lap +3:28

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